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7 simple rules how to grow thin in 1 day in the program Eshchitaykhudey - YouTube

7 simple rules how to grow thin in 1 day in the program Eshchitaykhudey - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I know Bogdanov and now I I tell you 7 simple Rules how to lie on couch eat and lose weight our program, we do not use of additives cocktails shots aversion to food hypnosis you it's not You need if you observe our the rules first amazing the results you get in the first day of our program So rule number one drink hot the water here is a plastic cup each hour and a half pour hot water and small do not swallow
  • 00:30: scalding begin its drink drink through pour-hour half 2 cup plastic water so we make a the day a lot of water on the first half of the day for less water second war is not Why we do it we are made of water on 70 percent of our cell consists of water and if you do not drinking water, and do not give its liquid the body he is under stress he will naturally stocking and all possible ways try to heal water from anywhere and that you you eat important
  • 01:00: point very important time that you You start drinking this drinking water in the hot why hot water many people are questioning Of course you can look this information Internet well, just because water your the body is not cold and the body in order to its heat and learn capillary vessels need to a while did not have each organism only force help him to drink hot water you will never heartburn you will always have great mood very good color
  • 01:30: person you will be filled water and remember that that you are the children of the world ocean and you are a member out of the water all the rules all rule number one This ends and so rule number two thing the biggest hunger your detractors on the way to your slim the figure can not be can not starve torture yourself could diet is very harmful and dangerous to your body of course you need to eat two at least twice preferably three times a day breakfast, lunch and dinner 300
  • 02:00: 400 grams of food here such container about here such content is not what we should you navigate When we eat to our size stomach to take with you like this that's two hands We add up and get the size of our stomach everyone he individual 300 400 grams of food guided by your hands you can also focuses on the sensations that a feeling of hunger satiety you It appears here here in this place a slight sense
  • 02:30: gravity fed you you your body says you're ready you're not a goy hungry you already I ate either to you comes belching air escapes you little air It leaves you and you understand that the top already this burp do not have to eat your stomach tells you I fed is your connection to your stomach it is still impossible starve more than 5 hours, that is, breaks between great reception food than 5 hours is all your the weight of it all will be
  • 03:02: accumulate on your body you will expose your body in stress all rule number two and so I ended rule number three at the beginning of our 7 rules I said what are you going lie down on the couch so that's rule number three ventilate your Get up from the couch the sofa and once a day walking 45 minutes Why Street outside because your the body needs oxygen all three exchanges substances consists in oxygen Walk just go away look around
  • 03:33: enjoy your life after 18 00 not recommended heavy physical If the load on the body You and fans fitness and iron something transfer their you are welcome training on the morning because after 18:00 body to prepare for the body to prepare for sleep Relax need to walk You need to breathe Enjoying life if you have opportunity and husband walk and two hours and for 3 hours a day or 10 thousand steps per day your minimum this is not the norm for that you lost weight this to
  • 04:03: I worked your heart and the blood ran down your body you can walk two interval minutes a little faster just two minutes slowly you can just walking but if you do it every day at least 45 minutes on the street because what you need oxygen and in the gym and often oxygen lacks chlorine in the pool like you you know what I believe are you do not know already after one week rule number three and so I ended Rule Number Four not drinking food that is
  • 04:33: then it means that mealtime when you do not eat we must at the same time and to wash down all the food that you eat be wetted saliva was saliva They are all enzymes that needed to split the food to useful components when you during the start compote tea drink water your body mistakenly think that you to feast upon his enzymes begins splashes acid alkaline you
  • 05:03: start itself digest inside what's going on here going all chronic diseases of the stomach cause the second which we We recommend when you I score during Food you bad chew food and This food is then very hard to digest your body hence overweight hence problems health and of course when you will be well chew food then thou shalt suck less amount of food is not it is not necessary to hurry up
  • 05:33: it is necessary to wash down a meal Rule Number Four and so I ended rule number 5 before meal drink a glass hot water at well really hot Chinese drink water they drink it before meals they drink when they they drink cold when they are sad, they drink it when any situation that It comes to them custom and maybe that this is their secret amazing efficiency for our nation why you need before meals drink hot water because
  • 06:03: that you're running a hungry squeals and you Spreads on the You are not her food chew then of course that It is happening to you the food is not digested in the your body you do not give opportunities feed their healthy cells if you first before eating small do not swallow scalding bitterns that skin is precisely cup hot water your stomach calm down to prepare for food intake nervous your system you do not calm down pereesh that is exactly How old are you
  • 06:33: necessary for healthy and happy life Rule Number 5 over rule the number six and the jackpot the last time in 2000 really There are many advice on this and about 1800, and at 17:00 but our program centenarians bush it is necessary to 2000 last time the sun sets your the body prepares to Creel Aksu after sleep do not feed him Of course if you need to all day did not eat I ran home hungry and cold evil in this
  • 07:03: situation, we'll tell you later what should be done not to eat not overeating and quench it terrible feeling hunger in our the situation before the last once you have eat in 2000 because we live on sun sun goes down and our bodies getting ready for bed when you your own fed body 20 after 00 it will not he will rest all night work in the morning you wake up shattered you will such as the state if that's something so you're not night's sleep
  • 07:33: many people are very difficult because of this wake up in the morning and if you to eat last eight night you sleep the sun will wake up and you wake up with with the sun and easily you'll be happily with you begin your bed day all right applied over and so rule number Seven indicator of hunger what it is and what eat it or whatever It is to eat grow thin that such an indicator hunger and that 20 grams twenty calories any piece of food size of almond
  • 08:03: Walnut's wish just every a couple of hours you to eat one a morsel of food and All during the day you with a wear a wee bit Food and pieces who ate During the day, your body understands that stock up no more you need to feed him and he starts very quickly consumes your overweight and your excess fat thanks this indicator you are very hungry quickly spent all accumulated kgs it is not instead of eating it parallel
  • 08:34: ideas hunger indicator in itself it can it may be cheese even be cooked boiled shrimp is maybe a little quail egg is It can be cured meat but it's sized piece of food with almond Remember please it is very important time if you to do all your overweight evaporate so quickly you do not even notice but condition 2 three meals a day parallel in the day is mandatory the condition of the rule number
  • 09:04: 7 and ended, and so the right to terminate I promised them all 7 and now we are with you an experiment really all people eat very little and make it very everything is so slow say who comes to our program so now we you will have the most almond we are going to hold you experiment with what is really really slow and there how to do it We begin to take a nut we place at the gates of the two
  • 09:35: enjoy the moment process Well now all you 7 know the rules which enables you get results straight first day try to believe everything else you can read my book that soon will appear in stores and on the Internet It has called on that I have to grow thin