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BREAKFAST IN 10 minutes TASTY Egg Roll the Omelette with CHEESE | 10 MIN BREAKFAST IDEAS  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today prepare a beautiful and healthy breakfast for 10 minutes separate egg Start your morning with a roll how and breakfast good mood provided on a day and to cook this delicious breakfast I its need 6 about 1 tablespoon spoon butter
  • 00:30: oil 20 gram cheese Parmesan can be replaced by any hard cheese 1 tablespoon milk 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley can dill or take any some herbs like you approximately two tablespoons finely useful green onions and also salt white black pepper a little pepper dried garlic oregano and literally a few drops
  • 01:01: olive oil and any plant oils separate the proteins in eggs and yolks strong here accuracy in principle is not required if a bit somewhere yolk gets personal just okay
  • 01:33: Stra separate carefully since white layer we should still turn white proteins I add with salt and a little white pepper stirred nothing I whip just slightly stir and now I need to bake protein I'm in the oven oven included heat up to 170
  • 02:03: degrees pour form a little olive oil form I have the size 28 18 centimeters, and I her unmade parchment paper so that the protein is not I stuck to the bottom I pour out here protein and I send it in the oven approximately 7 8 minutes the protein completely
  • 02:34: He prepared and became white I stirred the yolks I pour milk here add parmesan stirred add bit salt salt adjusted Salinity of your Cheese I add a little ground black pepper
  • 03:04: oregano literally quarter teaspoon and some dried garlic also about quarter teaspoon all is well stirred add green is my parsley and green onion and now
  • 03:35: Moving up to the plate the yolks have to fry I turned on warm up pan add here butter I melt it and immediately send here yolks wait until the yolks
  • 04:09: a little grab When the yolks slightly We grabbed begin mix fried egg yolks together with cream oil it will delicious like so stirring bring to a readiness and it will be our
  • 04:45: filling very gentle and delicious pan I I have to turn it off just a couple of minutes Prepare the filling It should be such not very tender overcook and I pulled protein layer from the oven prepared I have it exactly seven minutes necessary here touch it finger he must already be well prepared and now
  • 05:15: I took a look board and wrapped and cling film and I cover form and Now the form of I turn over board remove the form rented parchment paper the way you want to warn necessarily parchment should you need
  • 05:45: gently pouring excellent protein layer so that it has not got in a parchment paper look like everything turned out well nice and just all It coincides in time we have prepared yolk omelet lay it on protein layer and carefully distributed over time all you It takes about a minute 8-10 that it is very quickly if you
  • 06:15: prepare all at the same time and now all we turn to roll with the help of this film quite convenient prim that's the way all and corrects us it turns out that's a great egg roll I'm Now this first
  • 06:46: the edge here so cut off obliquely look some inside is a beautiful steering wheel and cut it here such pieces and carefully all I passed on to prepared plate from the top omelet I'm still a little prisyplyu chopped herbs look how it looks smart dish is very narrow, I
  • 07:16: highly recommend to prepare a tasty breakfast it is not unusual only in appearance but also to your liking because really here obtained a contract more courses up tight and very soft middle, she We get such Yolk and cheese delicious cook, I'm sure
  • 07:46: such omelette I wish all targets all pleasant appetite place huskies write comments share this video with your friends subscribe to my ludaeasycook channel positive over the kitchen till