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Lesson 2. How to sew a hare the hands. Registration of a muzzle.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my good with you again Elena Maximova and today we are with you we continue to sew bunny in today's lesson we are designed muzzle and nabem parts of the body and so take a favorite filler and very tightly fill bunny head when filling the need try to create
  • 00:30: circular head and of course watch for those that were not empty seats here such head turned in I should be packing be enough tightly and evenly no empty seats I already mentioned but that it was possible make pretty strong utjazhki Now take a rest details and likewise fill them with our favorite filler details should be tightly packed to
  • 01:01: Our toy can stand look like look My Circuits now we have Only sew on arms and legs and trunk countersunk hole seam and begin to clearance faces on any toys holes on the details through which they turn out sutured hiding seam a poems need
  • 01:31: impose parallel to each Friend to us turned imitation machine stitching I usually walk to both hand to that the seam more firm at the end of I hide the thread inside the product now we all
  • 02:07: details ready proceed to clearance faces ruler of Central seam I I save equal quantity centimeters and put point at the same height at this point we Now eyes are Getting in utjazhki hole is in We head down insert wolf long with a strong I picked up the thread thread jeans 2 addition and stringing a button
  • 02:37: nodule not hide it we need to utjazhki my usual buttons on eyelets diameter 7 or 8 millimeters departing March 2 millimeters from seat in which we have just typed thread We need to pierce and the needle back in the same direction cling to the knot we left outside We do not loop
  • 03:08: worry thread she is not going anywhere will not allow the filler slip and now pressing his finger strong eye tighten the loop do not overdo it we still need a second Eyes have to pull so everything should be in moderation lock thread and hide tip strings inside products for a second eye repeat the entire the whole process again here you need to follow
  • 03:38: for to depth Eye planting was not the same Remember no fix number multiple nodes hide the thread end inside the head to spout I will surround use a substrate small piece felt the desired shape form, you can pick yourself in Generally we sew this piece faces first simply fixing stitches and then start
  • 04:08: sew parallel stitches on horizontally on the actually you can do but without the substrate time then embroidery nose will take a little More sheathe first piece of felt horizontal stitches and then vertical do stripes that characteristic of the toy bunnies and go to the horizontal direction embroider more convenient by centerline in sides hold the thread finger so that it does not confused
  • 04:38: we do more layers of stitches horizontal and vertical and end our work is usually at the end of the work I do stitch then around the spout I do a couple fixing stitches and hide the thread end in head like this head turned in
  • 05:09: I and I ' interesting to see your work lay out your photos to me in the blanks VKontakte group I leave a reference to description of this Video not forget I like to put under it video if you I liked and I'm waiting for you next lesson with you was Elena Maximova all till