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Lesson 1. How to sew a hare the hands. Cutting and sewing together of details.  See details »

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  • 00:00: . hello my good with you Elena Maximov today we are begin sew bunny link to the pattern can be found in description of this video I like the bunny's body I will always sew from costume fabric she I like more all her beautiful density and it extends well into all directions We need to advance determine the Fabrics for clothing
  • 00:30: because one of them we need to today's lesson proceed to transfer the pattern on the fabric Top up with me is upright and see how I the pattern is located both legs necessarily should be the same direction relatively common thread Kidney should also It is located relatively common thread in one direction I I prefer
  • 01:00: transfer part in mirror displayed as saving fabric just say I do not I know what the result happens if the stitching of thick cotton cloth most of their I sew from toys costume fabric and at It is slightly different property after we have suffered patterns on the fabric is not forget to otmetochki which it is not necessary to sew up through them, we will to turn out our items now Fold the fabric front part inside shear plump pins this can be cut the square of the total
  • 01:31: flap of tissue and to put aside prepare her kashiwa Details of ears and I I stand on the pattern cotton cloth color they are more convenient sews and I pile facial costume parts fabric likewise shear pins tight enough the fabric is not I moved out and now both our need to blank sew along the lines of are marked on pattern on a typewriter with a length Stitch 1.3 millimeters
  • 02:01: I want more details stay on the body parts we see tuck first, do not close we will finish building up corner tuck and then after It can exhibit scribbled belly and back us We need these darts closed first need move to tuck the other side of the fabric where We tuck these are not then marked fold the fabric in such a way to are aligned front and rear seam and joined the line and darts
  • 02:33: you can put together pins as I can do a pro throw the lines darts if you have not very confident sew then you need these tuck stitch on car after all you need is already sewn cut parts zigzag scissors or to do notches every 5-7 millimeters perpendicularly line before proceed to request details of our heads We need to turn prepare too because we will them Vat scribbling in his head and so in the hands of our wedge
  • 03:03: head look attention to tagging I pointed out place new tracks marked and where we will explode abalone I then must I show you how to do it and the middle line which extends muzzle that is there wherein metochka ear This side seam and central and front behind transfer the patterns on I marked the fabric trend in equity strings I have it upright is shear bulavochkami our patterns and
  • 03:33: sewn on the center line of the is we are doing now seam at the faces and nape of such details we should get 2 necessarily transfer metochku for us it's eye useful in the work and and sew all the same small stitch 1,2 millimeter order to head our happened neatly and smooth network needed strictly from the point to Now the point of the details heads need to cut
  • 04:03: I zigzag scissors cut along the lines we just paved and on the free edge where we just the line is drawn I cut out the conventional scissors come somewhere 5 millimeters after the items we need to cut transfer circuits the pattern on the back side to us it easier orientate Now details of the head
  • 04:35: to fold The front part of each other and combine makushechku for faithfulness lock parts bulavochkami and now need to lay on the line head to the point that we set and ears that place, I I sew two lines from the top then up to the mark turning work and again from head to label at this stage We have a good gun ironed we do add up half face
  • 05:05: part in and put in your head look attentively as I I do Pouchet obliquely not just cut off so much so It will be easier observe the same angle between ears, and again from the beginning I sews a side and then Only 2 upside down It has to the remaining holes through him we and unscrew fill our part and see when you read one side
  • 05:35: second ear you already It will be difficult so do not fit Feel free to hide Just inside the ears then they can still be will for once ironed pay attention to which way I turned to the ears they have not turned upside direction folded and sew on these lines After you We went on a typewriter cut off the excess the tips of the ears are protrude from the wrong side and along the seam
  • 06:06: cut fabric or zigzag scissors make a notch every 5-7 millimeters Now neatly Pull the two ear and remove the head on front side here such details you You should get after today lesson and in the next lesson We'll be with you filling parts sintepuh and draw muzzle I will be happy to see you the next lesson but now that I'm with you I say goodbye to new
  • 06:36: meetings in the new video all bye bye