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We knit a dress the EMERALD (on solid ladies and not only) and still MARGO'S cardigan of Chast.6

We knit a dress the EMERALD (on solid ladies and not only) and still MARGO'S cardigan of Chast.6  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear I have friends but welcome to my channel my followers and all those who do not Subscribe to my channel all all welcome Well, that's going h h so I finally I can show you face hair done from the fact that I could like could and did so short hair cut that I do not
  • 00:31: I know that not only I have done to make beautiful but like something happened I tried on was trying amber was trying gold they end eventually decided yet to gold, as it were in have long been Gold is like a
  • 01:03: welfare yes although I am now day and a stitch but I would like head past I stayed at the nitrogen I want to mean many rather sorry At first thank all those who are actively took part in my request about I advise
  • 01:33: wear with this dress and It was very much comments I with it listened all to read a single originally then answered it so much it takes time I stopped and He did not further means for responding about dress Here is the dress
  • 02:03: departed I think that when I'm not a person probably still it was better so I it washed very very worried that she is dry but dried thank you God cuffs holds because I'm because they wanted everything was divided into their seats only that there
  • 02:33: not a little bit here I do not like going but we Now we eliminate because it is not visible I'm here and yes way my comments We make a point about the fact that I allegedly often sigh and I want to tell you I certainly sorry you need me take a kind I am what I am as it turns out sigh is an echo
  • 03:04: picking up air can be say so but I lung problems so sorry I'm please I even with you now talking endlessly and I even hear myself as I I make the air intake Well this I please excuse me and as a continually but not controlling I can control it if so very much Well you is annoying you are welcome turn me go see other
  • 03:34: bloggers I can not do anything with them working to help a lot of working turns then it turns out not but it turns out excuse me again I beg your pardon, I for example and r to w sometimes stipulate Well, comrades, you must I take this what it is and still want to say that the very many channels on and on Yandex Yandex to on th
  • 04:06: tuba So you see again misspoke people are educated are well He speaks the language well they but I put diction I say so what I have and you must and take a love this way I there so I again the same will be working on but is often just I do not notice because
  • 04:36: it is like a habit that's probably you know for a long time I did not wear gold to the extent that I thickets Now I stand to eat I am talking to you from me right here please jumped at least not to lose had pierced said the same Earring because overgrown here so we
  • 05:10: often our gold dress is when I went to the youth I work all the time I went gold today is such a situation I'm about Cardigan I go in cardigan my favorite is Contacted a long time ago and for a long time it's about a year ago I was asked that It happened to
  • 05:40: cardigan and with it nothing happened He ennobled him and But if you remember, I made harness pretentious and I it I will wear dress here now here I buttons are clasps and I well he leaving us in the street Today I'll go heat I go in the
  • 06:11: cardigan like this he It looks cardigan us not Now I love him, I me I leave happy said that the broad Sleeves, I once again want to say to those who do not like you have the right to do as you I also want his case was knitting so that's how did say
  • 06:44: standing at the bus stop cold hands made and much like gave manta she explodes This ottoman me personally really like you if you want do as you comfortable I went He tied itself as zhezh and it us Chuka in Hobart confused feelings
  • 07:14: Here is shorter forgotten I went at the beginning of how did this It called flew from the head and now here in the street heat I do like this fashion and food to me not like us pay attention to me like the fact that
  • 07:46: I pay Attention asks sometimes you Vesalius themselves say so she wrote to me I enjoy but my dear I'm ready to leave you all went very good Have a good mood more joy even more positive once you very much thank you We took great participate in the discussion this dress is very many positive
  • 08:17: emotions I received read your no comments I really really was some nice sometimes even I such emotions overwhelmed with what tears on eyes dimmed in First from what I in a knitting mode this dress, and remained pleased me joy overwhelmed by emotions the fact that I fulfilled work that brings me pleasure and delivers those who enjoy
  • 08:47: I was looking at me that's so well Of course I am very emotional people so well, All went all I wish you all the best until we meet up new video with you Irina was Well