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We knit a dress the EMERALD (on solid ladies and not only) Chast.4

We knit a dress the EMERALD (on solid ladies and not only) Chast.4  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear I have friends all welcome to my channel all my subscribers and all those who have not yet who are not subscribed I subscribed Invite you subscribe and you still very much interesting things you see not on my channel I show themselves face because the mo Rocket He did not do well here all as if I'm
  • 00:30: I show them the product strings down that's kind of want show on the stage which I present day you demonstrate how It looks like my dress so she looks back I do not know how to show but what does it I have here a sleeve from
  • 01:02: I turned and I want what to say even if you remember the previous video I wanted to slightly expand him well, add a few loops to its slightly widen Well after I
  • 01:32: He made me to you asked what wipe Dry-heat I processing processed purely couples that is, I held iron on distance from the web on the reverse side and simply by watering I do not wash I have it This dress is of course when I finish and I necessarily mean
  • 02:03: marafet and show yourself in all glory throughout I rushed to the apartment chamber to to select a less the light to allow you show how looks because Now the street overcast and not visible absolutely no color or knit here knitting I
  • 02:36: little you equal but after washing it even better border It will be even better then as I I spoke wing arm I like it like that hock will have I like this here way my calculations all I say so and have kept They have been met
  • 03:09: see how I Russian people well, actually I was not Russian I live in Ukrainian Russia's overall well result, I happy as I I see him talking with pleasure and will continue to knit with pleasure here because it is already drew a final result and I see that
  • 03:39: I like the fact that I I have now Well, that's my day good If you have any questions to ask I will answer ultimate issue of law of fact must be essentially You know now Once again convinced people or listening
  • 04:09: or does not understand the meaning of what I have said sometimes write no comments essentially why I say that Please you first attentively look here and then ask comments, and I'll I will answer all your no comments very light here is direct I do not feel the why because here I knit as
  • 04:40: Yes, and I have yet to be Hank much It left it at me It can be used say half the uterus and on the sleeves in I'm here from the sleeve stayed motochek I separately on sleeves motochek launched and Here was motochek so even here well here companions knit me together and you too
  • 05:11: as beautiful crocs I myself modesty but where to get to here is how to say and such that well, where not escape from but I want to be beautiful so I want to I consider what She will dress any shape and slender and such I'm here as a page small
  • 05:41: obluchok can even more if you allows your Health go to high heels and I I'll be here I like I am sporty but that's a dress type oversayz and I low-heeled there are such cute shoes and I will wear tights such tomnenkie I I think that I will I say good because the
  • 06:11: modesty, I did not I advise you to take a Do not hesitate and its drive systems away from himself and if you love yourself then around you too, would love to This I my video finishing this video report Low to new meetings to new video subscribe to my
  • 06:41: share with channel his friends to as much as possible girls respectable size We see here is dress and could afford tie too because I know that very many as it wants but for some reason hesitate to contact such beauty light you drink ely
  • 07:13: Have a good mood health and you had Irina