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4 Exercises For Check of Speed of Work of the Brain  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] four exercises to test the speed brain work regular exercise helps you stay in good shape delay the onset of age-related changes This applies to all organs including the brain that's why today we tell you about four simple exercises that help to keep memory in addition You have a unique opportunity
  • 00:30: check how fast is your brain went Exercise Number One multi-colored text we We are going to show your words are written different colors pronounces color name which is written each of the words in the list is ready to start [music] [music]
  • 01:16: I think it is not so just as it seems at first glance Now let's Each time we call color but in reverse the order is ready to start [music] [music] you
  • 01:59: you all managed to can first be difficult because Forums are responsible for perception of the text and color perception located in different hemispheres why this exercise it is good for the brain It helps prevent Alzheimer's disease setting new Communication between hemispheres and improves capacity concentration and switching
  • 02:29: attention [music] Exercise number two Schulte table here simple table focus on the including 19 who is centered Your task is to find number one and then all the remaining digits in the ascending order focusing on each in turn let try to start I'll give you 30 seconds [music]
  • 03:00: you cope unable to find the remaining numbers keep left just 10 seconds [music] Well done this an exercise
  • 03:31: increases the speed perceptions and information processing and develops peripheral vision you can later draw their table only Arrange the numbers in cells randomly manner as the embodiment you can find various tables Schulte on the Internet Exercise number three gestures show his right hand sign of peace at a time making okay sign left
  • 04:01: is now ready to hand change location finger so that your left hand shows the world Socket and ok repeat several times for beginning five one two three four five easily dealt then repeat exercise both hands once you have 10 seconds to execute ready to start
  • 04:31: [music] Now it was more difficult yes it's true exercise trick yet it so good for the brain like trains attention and develops the ability to quickly switch from one task to another exercise room four synchronous letter both hands to
  • 05:01: this exercise Take two sheets Paper and comfortable written accessories when everything will both ready to start hands simultaneously draw different geometry you can figure write letters or word on the condition that Characters same for both hand, let's try Now 10 seconds all yours [music] synchronous letter
  • 05:36: It teaches your brain process several tasks at the same time the thus stimulating activity both hemispheres but a few more tips famous lawrence as a neuroscientist He has developed a system exercises to help your brain to maintain their function of old age here Four of his Council book One try make familiar daily rituals such as brushing teeth
  • 06:07: or comb not using hair dominant hand the second takes a shower and perform other habitual actions with eyes closed third more likely to change routes that you get to work shop or other customary places fourth in while watching film, try mute and relying on gestures and movement of the actors Guess what they We say we hope this video you
  • 06:38: and help you start regularly these simple they can exercise help you keep healthy mind and memory is not clear Remember to share these videos with others press like and subscribe to remain on the light side of life [music]