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  • 00:00: hello my dear viewers with you craft school I vetch today my second plan in my video Beanie girls have I do not have internet I Info Write what she in a row but now I can not view Video honestly do not know 2 or whether the third she is turquoise pattern are investigated first with the pattern I tied three samples from thick thread You see here he is our pattern
  • 00:31: so it looks and that's sample, we will knit here on these More threads of here just as it can be seen you know best of all see how uzorchik'll see that pattern as well here shrinks then in the head as long as there on stretched here It obtained such as
  • 01:02: to tail here at first from the already clean first investigated with pattern not again I will talk about NITC will not talk about knitting because you buy thread like what spokes and take you just think at a density how many loops you We need to dial means pattern itself the number of loops multiple of 6 must be plus 2 loop 2 edge 4 Spit two loops loop
  • 01:33: between not that is wrong Spit fit in every personal number a back row we Now knit by the pattern We look at the cash desk then we move 2 the first the second loop below the uppermost changing seats and provyazyvaem front facial and the same It does not the same
  • 02:04: Conversely second over the first we move sheets and provyazyvaem Now in this way The result is Here is such a pigtail we have the first and second top fourth top 3 here All the girls here it is the whole pattern looks it fit nicely very simple and that I want the whole cap
  • 02:34: knit and there will not It was a question in comments by the decline here I looked at the photos now I knit up this series end you fix as a knitted pattern I just knit on this sample as much as I let's say I'm not sure I do not say that it is just as well connected as much as I did the crown is in this hat you to understand principle and we were able to link
  • 03:04: itself but in fact I I realized just strapped but that we do not pull large the number of threads and not got a hole and that it has laid down, as it were we are now better you do these reduction in my the method does not in my opinion a because I believe in This cap is just it is the most it all I think the rest without
  • 03:36: problems she knits rovnenko type the necessary the number of loops that you need knit even right up to the the end and makushechku now we you will get back garden I see this is to the end purl row we already we knit this crown as the dovyazali outside the frail I tied the front row the rank of a number of girls look at the frequency crown we we contract
  • 04:06: very fast there is one we face it reserve provyazyvaem these purl four Spit where we have 2 facial doing here such a reduction because of their provyazyvaem 2 together This we will do just to us
  • 04:37: better fight and pulled better lay down and went to there is a small window then I have to smooth go I tell apparently I I see it all the cases there just strapped but to what is more convenient pull together we will do in this way but that if we
  • 05:07: already cut chosen as it pattern and can not see it will we now shall have the right here is how these would purl 1 and remove facial and spit and everything will be very convenient for Now the front 1 Wrong loop and here where we have a cash register
  • 05:39: 2 and 2 provyazyvaem here and so they join in one that's so out offices have got two loops 2 and 2 at least a little to keep our pattern but what if we reduce not retained he did not continue I will not be nice there edge and we need bring it as nice finish Wrong we already have
  • 06:09: one of the box office 2 loops remain Pattern did not like and krasivenky possible to use more on something but at this pattern only in my Only at a glance hat because he as it reaches a flexible form
  • 06:39: gum like this some form of gum therefore, firmware and Children's hats it will fit perfectly very nice to a back row provyazyvaem without changes in facial series still be shorten You see it already with us as it takes
  • 07:10: form top of the already well lies just 44 5 series and we crown finished you The series follows our
  • 07:41: reduction Again, we are its box office already transferred to one CREPLA ie 2 together the two that have but we were provyazyvaem together flies petelechki we reduced and could makushechku we lie in such courses will form
  • 08:11: very beautiful girls that complex nothing I I say it's delicious think only this caps for even for those shot that just you need to pull could. it can be used to simply more convenient and pull it to nice lay here look purl without change then there will be another
  • 08:43: once and for all and we contractible well there all your ends and after is where bead Wrong
  • 09:13: front and crotch purl together then do not tighten knitting us then hooks could I watched pull at this point already can be contracted can be about even knit a back row even 2 together but it optional you even three last to knit together Now I was more comfortable
  • 09:43: I'll take the hook I show since I always do this business to finish hook retake the remaining loops on hook leaving a little no yarn capturing and I pulled through
  • 10:13: remaining sts van and handed here the tail little Knotted and tightens good second node I will not do because I would like you need will dissolve Here is such a we have a small window then turns etc. I have this ponytail here and always leave crosslinking like hook always well, at least case, the caps and they
  • 10:47: lead and so I always Remove the just do look at this I just makushechku sew so you can on how to look the outcome that we happened seamy side I can already see that this crown turned so what should be so I think this hat you have repeated though not in direct embodiment not in scale of one to
  • 11:18: one well, the principle of understood why can someone like This cap can knit, I think there's nothing complicated for beginners pattern the most it here Now when you type loop leave More thread to sew say when you stitch here This edge you We started this thread and We finished here Now that was not there no knots
  • 11:48: thanks to the ugly endings completeness it is better to do something and thread until I do so because so Wrong side get our hat Look Now some top you see beautiful you're just so she If it turns out the wall would be if we just all I think pull loop it is not so beautiful lie because many strongly hinges will and she will not Here is such a beautiful
  • 12:18: mini cap here see a pattern if you put on head then of course It was on our on length Now get out there this is how not I know how to call when photos ie here here here we stretch on head but the thing Now it will be necessary because very small traces hat there were more anal head were so Here's how both the photo like this that this cap we
  • 12:50: dealt with you School was vetch needlework until all till