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Bosnian baktus hook. Part 1.

Bosnian baktus hook. Part 1.  See details »

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  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting today I want to crochet offer Here's a tie baktus start knitting on the Internet it called Bosnian baktus Bosnian knitting What is the meaning of this knitting pattern fit formed here such stripes such as be sunflower seeds that gives the the beauty we do normal connective column but between them tally more columns
  • 00:31: and one sc columns with one sc one air as in the loins knitting but it all just here this box gives us connective I will knit a column yarn lanagold 800 from Alice 100 grams of 800 meters will knit thread 2 addition and crochet number three ordinary Hook number three then I want to show
  • 01:02: yet how this kind of knitting looks here in this case, Kashmir is a wholly-owned wool and 100 grams if you do not mistaken 300m also looks very nice and also here a cloth obtained springy and interesting that I can say on expenditure judging because
  • 01:32: I saw on the Internet at girls ready articles of yarn consumption from 100 grams to 150 Depending on how wide you want to baktus the center and the length of entire length of the product may be the product of up to half a meter and two even I saw 2 meters and it is already very a lot and that's where the a little more than a meter It will help enough
  • 02:02: to around neck unscrew here here such a wonderful warm soft Covenant himself It is also very springy see interesting web These small are we certain border or here Here such at ponytail we get for by the fact that we is knitted at the end 5 rows of air
  • 02:32: hinges on their fasten connection each column loop such fringe It turns out not fringe Well, that's something that's this very interesting to someone like this version let's start and begin to knit It fits with the small a thin little corner beginning and will gradually expand the canvas what we need to the beginning of the first row very simple series
  • 03:08: this is our 3 loops lifting loop 3 lifting and in the first lifting loop will have two column with another sc and thread take 3 loops rise further
  • 03:38: sc in first We do loop 1 column one sc and sc and 1 column one nakida here it turns out that's a small veerochek then I do 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5
  • 04:08: as you do stitches such length you have Now these are small tail if this is a fringe and you want the length of can do, and 10 and 15 all of you already I also did weighs 5 even saw quite very nice turns in who has 15 well, it I am an amateur so did 5 stitches here from this column and
  • 04:38: now we will knit back connection columns in the opposite side backing a number that's all these bars and vozdushki we have undergirding two ways Strapping like this overturn work for the back stenochku then all work should be oblige the rear or the front same as you I'm knitting for more convenient
  • 05:09: back then stenochku We are here so as we see we are about to braid Statement like this turn and here she is this braid pierce pull loop and stretch it through loop on the hook normal connective column on next pigtail likewise pierce and take out thread stretch it through
  • 05:40: and the loop on the hook so on We stretch out in a pierce stretch and so then everything hinges then we go bollards respectively, with the same apex not two take the top points here are the loops and Now I take the rear the rear and I pull connect once again show
  • 06:11: here it is a loop and now and the last loop here is the first number and second row backing already we connected The race is farther 3 go to the lifting loop the next row next row again
  • 06:41: the lifting loops 3 and in each column knit one columns with one sc in first Now our air ponytail knit more one additional column in each row We will add on one post with one for sc But for expansion rounding Now this region and will expand in us further
  • 07:11: baktus so knit first again for stenochku back here at We have 3 loops recovery and further behind knit back stenochku column one sc pierce provyazyvaem sc here they are here to pigtails so so deploy their very clearly seen here
  • 07:41: these little pigtails and the rear stenochku who wants to remind means for plumage knitting all knitted the front stenochku but these piercings must have all the ranks of the same tied three columns one sc then again 5 stitches overturn
  • 08:13: knitting and besides all loops here these the rear pigtails stenochku will provyazyvat connection a column like this way pierce We pulled through loop on the hook pierce stretch method very pretty simple and easy to performance so I
  • 08:44: I not see any difficulties but the only thing that it is necessary to decide for themselves for any wall loops you These provyazyvat bollards our cuy umachka fringe Here is an interesting it turns on the next row 2 rows in
  • 09:14: We tally the usual columns with one sc Then follows a series of 3 loops rise further one air loop and will be, as it were sirloin grid loins ranks 3 loops lifting and another air loop and then after 1 y
  • 09:44: We have three lifting loops 2 the air above it It will be about and as it were, in the third pigtail pierce back and stenochku pull bar with one more sc 1 again and air through a pigtail provyazyvaem and Here we pull a third row of front have turned holes where
  • 10:14: air loop then again 5 loops and air The race is provyazyvaem connective bar and all hinges for the rear stenochku me for some reason, it is more convenient for rear that's the way
  • 10:48: farther overturn work again 3 lifting loop and columns with one sc another not forgiveness and made sho I missed here yet connective column here on 3 aerial loops and
  • 11:18: again knit in each loop column one sc and additional column, we constantly should one
  • 11:49: longer column knit for our expansion baktus well and again 5 stitches turns and a also commits that's the way all very easy and just gets very
  • 12:20: pretty interesting baktus thing and easy to I wear a lot of you We have knitted themselves nor probably once a if there is cause for In order to link be sure to continue again the next row will be columns of one 3 loops nakida lifting and bars with sc one like this
  • 12:52: Here we alternated two rows of columns with sc without one aerial loops and a third row of a column with one sc 1 Air see two a series of columns with one
  • 13:23: sc 3 number column 1 and air on Again, two rows columns with one sc and next series will now be 5 stitches overturn binds them So
  • 13:54: cherries and bars fasten and two more column turn over to front as some relief ranks after
  • 14:24: connection the following columns a number of bars with one sc between them one air loop 1 bar us 3 is replaced by Air 1 air loop additional for pattern and through December 3 a third hole pigtail provyazyvaem column one sc, etc. air loop and
  • 14:56: column one sc through pigtail 1 Air and now here through a pigtail Another one additional table drink to add and
  • 15:28: expand our baktus from the left edge here thus further 5 again, the air loops and continue knitting in the same spirit alternate 2 rows dense with columns one and one sc column and row
  • 15:58: airy principle you can ranks alternate so too How do you like brand through a series of there is no alternate no special rules it is also how you like my case here are two rows dense columns and and one row of columns air loop then what I want more say if you all still one motochek yarn you want
  • 16:29: invest in it not know which consumption I will recommend You do this here bound yes web e.g. Here's a taste specifically the number in Here I have more than forty I centimeters I weighed this part I see it in my 30 gram that is, I here 70 grams yarn left I I'll take so 50 grams baktus see if I would be quite
  • 16:59: here the width I will have to go further to decrease so I recommend half Hank constantly control if I have an opportunity use Whether kitchen scales what you have and that's you can calculate and not to count miss in the amount of yarn I I hope you I liked this baktus you lie with me
  • 17:30: Today all until till