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  • 00:00: Good day today I bring to your attention offer here such pattern It called gum 3 3 is a front the pattern side Wrong pattern very dense structure very well kept form can be used to soft beaches pattern
  • 00:30: can be used for provyazyvaniya Her all pillars and what the concrete actions and ERs elements such as whipping elastics pattern number is typed loops plus a multiple of 5 4 more hinges 2 and pattern symmetry 2 edge of the sample recruit 24 loops classical
  • 01:00: way set loops 1 series an edge loop not remove tying 2 purl 3 facial 2 purl face 3 and thus
  • 01:41: repeat until the end row 2 purl 3 facial in the end of the row provyazyvaem 2 purl and an edge provyazyvaem too seamy loop here we made you first series 2 series of all
  • 02:11: provyazyvaem hinges on drawing first remove an edge 2 more facial 2 purl 2 facial you're wrong so repeat provyazyvaem all loops they we are in
  • 02:41: end of the series 2 face and last an edge loop provyazyvaem purl 3 years an edge remove 2 purl loop further attention 3 face in front of us We introduce the needle in the 3
  • 03:14: facial loops and We stretch out over it working yarn as if making front loop 3 together provyazyvaem but do not remove them from left spokes do sc and 1 We stretch through these three spokes working thread in our right spokes
  • 03:46: 3 loops obtained formed now with left spokes throw down these three loops that is, we knit facial 3 loops together taken from their hinges 3 2 purl, and three facial repeat the the input operation needle under the loop and 3 provyazyvaem them together 3 along the front but does not remove them from the left
  • 04:18: needles sc and do again 3 loops provyazyvaem along the front when we Get on the right spokes 3 peak was 3 throws the facial hinges on the left spokes and This is repeated until the end of a number of alternate 2 purl loops and of three facial we vyvyazyvayut 3 loops sc and another loop
  • 04:50: 2 backstitches and again three facial we 3 is knitted loops loop sc another a drop end of the series we have with
  • 05:22: 2 and you backstitches last an edge we also provyazyvaem seamy loop that's what we have with you He was released in late third row number 4 seamy provyazyvaem hinges on drawing an edge first remove 2 facial 3 purl
  • 05:53: 2 facial 3 purl 2 face 3 so to purl end of the series end of the series we have with
  • 06:24: you two and facial last an edge provyazyvaem seamy loop Further alternating between an April 3 5 years remove an edge 2 purl and again three loops 3 introduce provyazyvaem
  • 06:57: spoke here three loops provyazyvaem them together but do not remove the front the left spokes 3 loops do sc and 1 right provyazyvaem these three loops together facial when we on the right loop formed Remove the hinge loops 3 on the left spokes Yes backing from
  • 07:30: three loops, we tie 3 2 purl the last two loops backstitches and an edge, too provyazyvaem seamy
  • 08:01: Well, the sixth row as a 4 Paris the all purl rows in We are on the drawing an edge remove 2 facial 3 purl face 2 3 purl 2 at the end face and
  • 08:54: an edge provyazyvaem seamy alternating series April 3 provyazyvaem necessary the number of rows simple drawing very easy provyazyvaetsya formed alternation of two series pattern if you
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