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Master class. We close shawl loops.

Master class. We close shawl loops.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everybody Welcome to channel and the hall points and the next video I'll show how close loop I repeated yet time from 29 to 60 and ranks then he repeated yet times 22 squad in the end have I got Ninety-four series and 197 and loops on the spokes I will take crochet suit
  • 00:30: Five or six at the beginning and at the end loops will be more we need to reach here before the place where previous movie series salt 3 loops together front here we have it this loop here Get One Now we need to close therefore introduce hook 2 grab loops
  • 01:00: working thread and stretches across two Do not tighten the loop close freely and so that's knit in
  • 01:47: 11 loops do four air eyelets 1 34 enter here in the hook the loop grab working thread and provyazyvaem not spectacular I'm just a working thread I pulled through loop, and now we We need to be closed
  • 02:17: 8 but the gap will come you need navigate here in this place we will such arches of stitches further here in this place that is, the gap 8 spots and consider pay attention according to the same pattern in you all coincided so until mid-series the same reach the mid chalet
  • 02:47: I provyazyvayu here this loop, and here, too, we will have such arochki of air All loops close to the end of the series I closed loop to end of days not'll break I check everywhere I made such a couple all check anywhere or did not forget anything knit, and then to breaks off the thread end hide a seam
  • 03:19: I have obtained two places strings at the end and that's the beginning I hid all strings at the end and at first and is such We get small ball and the next part of the video I will I show you how to make lock shawls [music]