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  • 00:00: Hello my name trumps in July I today we are going to you say how simple methods can achieve spectacular These facts batt I used for the manufacture of and from my desk latest collection on a beige coat and white waistcoat use the the same device it is their we will consider this blockers blockers silk and Wool is naturally not
  • 00:32: It has nothing value, use direct or reverse raskhodku and that I will now I show so you can see for we take samples a piece of silk, and I will do on chiffon and excelsior beige coat on our background White made to excel tissue theory differently behave and give, in general, different textures so we start with chiffon
  • 01:02: interlocks is pieces of stripes plastic bags garbage bags and so that they do not we flew first sprinkle horoshenechko fabric so they stuck otherwise they will dry Sirin I fly I am using conventional ecologically trash bags, and cut into strips width on the order of two centimeters perfect evenness of slips we do not they need to be
  • 01:33: a little vibrating crooked accounts Generally nothing terrible in it is not present I recommend doing a small step towards polosochka another thing will look I have a little Kuts order May 6 cm spacing between stripes and here I want to see talk time when you cut you are trying to post cut strips only enough to the middle there is a great tempted to do overlaps but I do not I recommend this
  • 02:05: categorically do because almost immediately it's you disconnect and overlaps with at tissue when you lying to wool so I do not I recommend to do so and start decompose wool I will repeat it reverse the glen has a front side We lay on the working surface we decompose the top blockers and top also begin decompose wool Well for your sample
  • 02:35: I'm doing it to be more or less rovnenky me I direct spread strand edge of the sample and then I will lay out already Rosstat and the usual which use almost all the time I love diagonal or parking layout in Christmas tree became standard name in that no such put 1 number 45 degrees to the base I put the following series
  • 03:05: under again 45 degrees to horizontal and 90 degrees to previous row so we for one layer is obtained full glen where the fibers are length and breadth of I I make a small step so that the output does not It was bald spots or not identification of such striped texture well like this about will my standard
  • 03:35: layout etc. I cover with mesh I use mosquito the net the simplest not tough too she gently privalivaetsya well pass moisture and I I use them for the whom I take Over the years I moisten I warm work some water is not cold not that hot that would be nice hands and therefore be wool good wetting and
  • 04:05: I wash, I use the soap solution I have a piece of I throw in a piece of soap water that I and use such Ladies were weak moistened with a solution of promylil and if I see that we are missing you I'm on my left hand and I play truant raspadku through the net Next you need to sit that there was a lot of unnecessary actions excess and bring right nodded sex girls then
  • 04:35: remove the grid and We proceed as usual that is, we go all sander hum grind on then handles venice kata Lyubarov armor which they I just do not grind Now since this Picture this photo all wipe I love handles to thing was fine and flat that is, they then it was good dumped and upper groups
  • 05:05: It is often found the interior is not defeated so when the carping it turns out that engages all layers completely full Now I show your favorite device not to mention that is, when I have there comes a time when 20 percent already near the village I tighter Methods change I Here he is loved pieces of dish soap on it In fact, he is not such they are larger and pupyrki and smoother than Kiev pupyrki it
  • 05:36: very well kept very comfortable in the hand it is plastic but it there is no voltage for a song when you hold volume thing and some very, very it quickly uvalivaet my irreplaceable more assistant very much and here's how I see it I'm working right now I went to work side to me pretty tight silk Chiffon is if you You will work with Margilan skim silk I would recommend only work for
  • 06:06: wrong side of Well, not the front much if you have to ru heart you too can sometimes face This work Thing I now see me such band is pretty impressive and It is its Lebanon and just as you You can work and wrong side of the I apply and throwing carefully and I do not burnishing Kata roll shrinkage percentage this sample rather coefficient increasing 20L
  • 06:37: increased the pattern twice the sample and So initially layout was 40 to 40 centimeters is sample I 20 20 see when it's all dried you can gently pull all but lock It looks like the sample and with daily blockers but not yet cut Next, we will stage when we have to develop these fabric stripes who do not lain very a neatly you pounded scissors
  • 07:07: and cut you You can be cut and You can make out if you are careful you but it can just to do only on a dry cloth you like a pair of scissors if parse then it turns out that you more ragged edges and that's what we yielding Here is such a we the sample does not handle Nalchik vzeroshte the ends of the fabric so that they It was more voluminous that's if you say
  • 07:37: Well it looks like I I have done on the white wool contrast is that there Affairs contrast stop not but if you do Based in a tone I have I assure products did not lose and that's how It looks like this invoice on the finished product within these I blockers underlay mohair strings you Can not you mohair You can get cold and can lay a nothing at all to do in response to This figure shows a little there mohair not.
  • 08:07: it is long and dreary but I assure you it's well cost effect stunning and here the same method I used in creating just such textured rhombuses not here and stripes I have already carved figures and underlay and here I fabric I used it Again, the same most chiffon chiffon gives really not such as to zamylennye for heaped iced edge and, in general,
  • 08:38: fabric defined in It is difficult and that's about as you carve blockers of polyethylene packages or lay for clarity, I would like show on the same samples with a reverse sides blockers that can be apply not only to reverse gully and holds but here's an example you spread wool you it wetted and we fought and
  • 09:08: then you can lay on it blockers if I use I figured blocker their advance and draw the they have more need not some same shape favorite reception and very easy when I'm out on diamonds and timber cut into squares three parts ie two Details on the most large very less It plays a role in that elements and when you near walks and
  • 09:40: middle, this is a another element of the there is obtained filling these spaces figures can be completely different it can be rectangles is it may be ovals it may be diamonds can be flowers absolutely not certain forms and Here you can let his so fantasy how much you order you want here please me spread out and at the end let a little stripes that is, have we already direct layout and
  • 10:10: this line glen we will test no longer with chiffon and quite a chorus fabric more and more smooth more slightly more dense there is not twisted fiber and will give completely different Effect but just when we put the fabric we top has mesh covering for to wash because if we we will spend the night at failing on fabric Fabric we will cling and stick to com his hands so
  • 10:41: that stabilize we design it cover with mesh Wetting and piss I use soap any fact which I nice and I do not like liquid soap I love olive or simple cosmetic some were which does not smell remove the grid and pass into I sander working sander and polishers have me gives no the load on the hand I I am using at most
  • 11:11: low speed and I can even actually It is not to hold and here you see we a little bit and allowed we will think already after the first pass sander from easy ointments easy lapping at we have a little bit longer He declined further again I despise Only handles and I throw I throw well, let the first Step 30 January suppose Then I laid to It was simple and and smoothly and then I alternating throwing and smoothing is now
  • 11:41: a sample of 29 34 centimeters is not the I was on the first frame and Next we bring to but size necessary to us I for themselves right size counted 20 to 20 see like this qualifies as a ton of looks ready to dry sample You see already texturally already beautiful we need only get lock cut cloth or cut look already own it seems to me
  • 12:11: it is not basically even without seeing even cut it It looks very much but if effectively suddenly you be under a Locking our located some can be interesting fabric stripes narrow can be of wool thread mohair or what add color and additional invoice the course you will need to buy cut good scissors they
  • 12:42: inexpensive to He will serve a good service and hands are the goals and soon will go Job but rectangles just as we take out lock cut already can not safely more delicate and here It looks cut Nubians have all the same factors until the end of the recent if you found peregladim will be just as not
  • 13:13: to effectively to do more spectacular texture I sprinkled with the water already finished product so I I neatly demand for quietly just a little to only soaked the tips of the tissue that we form here so stick out further neat ruffles since if you are stroked on the head passing young child There have been I played the invoice there we have it become more volume and
  • 13:44: after drying should be survive such surface but sometimes that's especially on chiffon Chiffon shrinks because it is strong and the texture a little others get if you work He sapphire more resilient and I clipped edge of the fabric so that they were somewhat less you can put there are just a couple of millimeters couple it too will effectively look and behold please our
  • 14:15: finished texture It can be used to tippet can take on the bags It can be used to the clothes do not like fail to apply to clothes so I only work only with clothing no longer Well, that's still a simple trick you you can apply completely without any me problems on which turns really
  • 14:45: very spectacular concise and can be What if you were to play can draw the some sketch before wallow draw it to the template and transfer this sketch to the product so which is quite simple the solution is very simple solutions simply just sold for but spectacular bow here it seems to me more very important point not to do a big step between
  • 15:15: and these strips then try probably boil I more effectively thank you for attention to you I was trumps in July before I new appointments