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Wedding ornament on the car the hands part 2. Hearts from roses  See details »

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  • 00:00: to whom we need to list Penoplex with which the cut shape preform hearts and insulation which is placed under the laminate accordingly he have different thicknesses from I had only thin in the store it means that have put and a few layers paste on both our side workpiece Now this party will completely covered
  • 00:30: colors that is here it will not be seen and this side and accordingly, we sticking several times in order not to scratching machine to look more beautifully on with using white satin ribbon paste here the Now the junction to avoid being was seen it turns out here such
  • 01:04: but here is the blank note that we tape pasted over not only external side of the blank well, and now this inner not to close beautiful yellow to would be more convenient to work and tape does not slip in different sides of you You can fix it conventional pins when it dries you easy to remove them oland remain in place Here is the a preform after As it pulled tape but now I
  • 01:37: He is shown in the first part of the video with pistils and flower heads the mouse collect our decoration he
  • 02:15: at
  • 02:49: and love breeds additional I think the elements they add a food Mincu so I did here a two-tone bow white and blue under the color of our decorations and now I will add it Now here more accurately as well as its video about the rings on the car we own hands
  • 03:20: skip construction collars through to engage belt in places where that's where the ring hearts will be attached to the car, we better to do it of course directly the machine itself to you could see which places it will be fixed and then close the still one layer insulation to not to scratch car here these branches that are we through but in Generally our ready
  • 03:51: hearts like that they look at the car well, actually speaking like this It looks completely all blue kit with the addition of tulle rings which I later he added a little too ryushek tulle and this is how It looks set entirely if you pleasant place fingers up and good luck with your work