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Gentle and very tasty chicken roll - though for a holiday, though for every day!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends imagine you like this recipe and that's nice and to also very tasty Chicken roll this I cooked roll at the request of my my subscribers Nazarova who asked cook very delicious, and besides, very simple chicken Roll chicken roll brewed literally 10-15 minutes depending from chicken diameter
  • 00:30: I had chicken roll roll turned diameter somewhere 8 centimeters and I had cooked 10 minutes if You chicken roll obtain a diameter more than I eg 10-12 centimeters that brew it about five minutes more that have 15 minutes so Watch the video as a cook here such chicken chicken roll rapid roll preparation for preparation of this
  • 01:01: roll us It needs at least food is chicken feet of salt and pepper black pepper red If you do not have fresh garlic mouth can take dried garlic and us need for the sleeve baking If you do not have sleeves baking it can be used simple food film and thread so starts cooking chicken roll chicken need examine if it there is any vegetation that
  • 01:31: sure it needs to be bump then chicken wash inside and outside and now the chicken Burke on roll that is, it is necessary skin to skin remove from the back But on the back do starting from the neck in cut through the neck to the end section We do such a and start neatly
  • 02:02: remove the skin like chicken skin tender the best is to do with a knife can intercept and meat and chicken at the same time piece we are not here We need it like this Now just cut and as soon as possible cut her wings from here 2 Shoulder Joint ie from the elbow
  • 02:32: of the wings we then prepare separate dish and I just do here here here legs cuts to the bone I make cuts to then it was easier remove the skin like a dude cut the
  • 03:04: These cut tendons necessarily and now continues peel cutting meat wing cut off wing from the shoulder's we clean and bone
  • 03:34: It left on shoulder cut the meat with back now We begin to cut meat with bedryshek and feet can also be right femur of body I once rented a campaign
  • 04:04: meat breasts I cleanse meat thighs I cut through the joint this right here
  • 04:34: thigh bone died in our It was such here clean and with bone legs hip and finger Now I take the meat with flies can be directly first remove the skin apart just like that Now time to then to We have not broken I accidentally all the leg separated and now I
  • 05:10: can safely and and butcher cleaned NASA just such a way lubrication from seed can be cook soup chicken broth so I to cut so much from me from seed It left of the seeds later I will cook
  • 05:40: meat broth need weigh and so I wheels lo 260 meat got chicken from I had a body weight 800 minus 25 grams salt as I two hundred kilos of chicken meat Sixty 25 grams enough now here I will add one teaspoon ground
  • 06:11: black pepper your Pepper added If you love the taste acute add 2 more if the love it is reasonable put smaller and here I add hot peppers chili if you do not like chilli who do not I love spicy lozhite why add always hot peppers immediately eating domestic garlic
  • 06:42: garlic, I took 5 cloves Such are the average cloves if you have no garlic tear it you can use dry garlic, I'm looking for I add one here teaspoon dry Garlic is also on fragrant so all I measured out for our This roll can be use any seasoning what you there are and what you love you can even take just finished
  • 07:12: seasoning for chicken I like everything mix horoshenechko garlic seasonings dream cut power to one side and along the We do it on the table and spread here
  • 07:45: first, the chicken skin here's my chicken chicken with skin breast I immediately take srezhu chicken breast because it is very thick or need cut into the plaster chicken breast
  • 08:21: neatly cut into thin seams prepared meat spread evenly layer on the skin I first on the skin I spread chicken ie breast fillets 100 chicken breast will assume Jeeves the skin will be juicier They lavish seasoning
  • 08:52: part of the seasoning half little wheat massaging the group here So seasoning that we relish all equally spread out now on the breast spread the remaining meat can and bedryshek deposits
  • 09:23: neatly smooth bed Now I get enough sleep the remaining seasoning everything is neatly distribute massaging pat we have the same everywhere distributed seasoning now undertake the leather edge and
  • 09:57: We turn off the meat in roll into words just plump try to the meat does not enter air Well here and so on edges to pull the skin due to wrap up
  • 10:30: Roll need to dub roll so so he quietly fit our pan you You will boil boil roll make it easier roll put roll on the edge film and using film ospreys enter we do a great
  • 11:13: athlete wrap dancing both from fingers from sweets and to bandage each the end of the thread, and so weirdest delayed departures now you need to light another for that horoshenechko so you can thicken to deny it wider smaller fit in
  • 11:46: competitor also wrap end in candy such horoshenechko servant shall I bandaging the thread so I end a bandaged here such at I turned bar and to have I have three barrels were do not flare up I had not parted Now tie a sausages and so drags on
  • 12:26: the other end ready for cooking inspection lighter
  • 13:00: to roll, we had fully immersed water enough water can throw some leaves leafs and Water should also be add salt the one tablespoon salt and to roll in cooking time, we do not pop I have to roll and so covered with
  • 13:30: plate set pan with roll stew on the stove on Gas water pan you need to bring on high heat until boiling water and so I boil the fire Cases average driving a little cover with lid minus this point accident a couple of years yet Ten minutes so was exactly 10 minutes the moment of boiling Fire under the pan I I shut down and leave
  • 14:00: Now this form cool roll in water that is broth until it becomes warm after about 2 when the water in chasa will pan tolerance is not strong hot roll I pull out of the water we shift it to no closer to shore It is cooled to room temperature and then they should be placed in
  • 14:30: refrigerator to complete cooling frozen good chicken roll held all night in the fridge present froze I got it sliced ​​look what a beauty turned and of course I had well rasprobovali roll turned gentle fragrant Delicious it just melts in your mouth if you roll
  • 15:00: obtain a diameter more than I here I have a diameter somewhere at 8 centimeters Meatloaf and you will be like December 10 centimeters is simmer for five roll minutes more than if you like Insert my video huskies subscribe on my channel cook with I cook better all pleasant good appetite mood as always awesome [music]