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The best exercises with an elastic band (expander). Training for beginners on all body  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends good Welcome alarm with you and Oksana Today we had a great We worked hard all the body of this training designed for Beginners ie Only those who themselves ideal finally train and you may not be long trained and you there is a desire to change so today we will training under What is Tarek I I think that almost Everyone has gum is ready, it can be You have such and tips or simply
  • 00:30: ordinary rubber export it There are different stretches options gum project is already easier which will list which dedicated the and today we want We will work on all the body still tell that these exercises so beginners if you have a super advanced you can use this training as a heating up and if you want to make this training with a rubber band as the main Christmas tree, we pursed her warmed up and this we proceed
  • 01:00: [music] the first thing we put gum on avoid because we you need to play all case and best to heat the body is the boiler does not exercise repeating God that you will do dynamic always warmed easily runs on the finger does not we stamp and can be Now turn work Our shoulders are not Remember to start glad that you
  • 01:30: We decided to practice it great idea and Now let's the other side [music] start and as always Accept value food which is now table and let rotate one side or the other to turn rather tear off his upper goal just a little
  • 02:03: turn around to do at your own pace i I am doing his question this little slow or reverse fly faster Depending Us I want to here and now we go there She bent in a settlement and down again and in the middle do not need here and put sex whether or not we are just try various warm and let aside and let our side not even warm up
  • 02:34: part company We warm up in the direction of and well done, and hands forward and backward side and hand in the reverse side of yourself as described by courageous it again and several decks
  • 03:08: warm up sessions legs and buttocks and or call back and and any exercise We perform this force It can be used to warm up rapidly and Master can Agree glasses and networks have glasses and sit or socks and here Finance ambiguously can simply squat on east and slept raffle actions positive people and
  • 03:38: shouting bend your arms and Monet because the body we more less warmed up and we we can start our training [music] We take our gum start or pig We will start from the back download and then against lower by 5 feet our exercise raise the hands up personality through Pier I squat approved just I want one offending gum it just does not
  • 04:09: Keep it tight long on width shoulders here and keep it winter also pass this will confuse to lower and raise and lift back omit disorder Good afternoon and lift and so that's Thus, we We are preparing for this exercise on their shoulders and on our back so think about that how you reduce blades 15 times go and 1 2 3 four five six
  • 04:46: seven and stomach pulled September 8 and 10 if you want to You can do first heavy syrup two right and 1 and 2 and 3 km away from the goal, and 4 and 5 super next exercise
  • 05:17: We will work on breast for our night gum and and keep in front and just start straighten arms They managed to draw the stomach focuses on how to feel like work the chest muscles this time, and one two three 4 May pull 6 seconds of persons 7 8 9 10
  • 05:51: if you do not feel might take a little nearer the there are public resistance and count one two three 4 May good job over the top of back and now we
  • 06:21: gum will come He wants to state our keys and we realists so if it you only strain like me, take barely lived It may be long entirely on distance keys and tormented and feel how you work spin-2 and 320 45 and exhale effort six seven eight
  • 06:51: nine ten and three 4 stretches of 15 cutting out all these exercises only work on which is involved I say definitely
  • 07:21: They use their hands because we we use hands shoulders and chest, etc. I call most main ideas of we work following exercise we will have approximately the the eye and we will lift lift hand to the nail on look the part and now he will leave us two hands have 30 just go to the first then walk on left and we do exercise on 30 is a rear arm muscles will pull up beautiful pen
  • 07:51: stomach pulled smile 1 business and start with right hand beautiful image You feel the car jumped back for you part of the arm 23 arm parallel to the floor 45 do not twist the head 6 hand knows exactly I had no pro sorting still five times not
  • 08:25: overwhelm the camp 23 45 possible with the inherent every now rising warping can be a little closer come together to go add a little intensity logs we left and went to the left Now once again the two pothos Three April 5 taxi remember 679
  • 08:56: fine 234 you should feel
  • 09:33: We go to great exercise It called by ups will be for you make it packs Now it is obvious that we do we attacked our gum was very convenient to have gum with such rings to that can be Keep but we in the width and the child's shoulders raise your hands so high as you can that is dependent on the trade allows you gum or does not allow, and we will crouch and
  • 10:05: divert buttocks ago if as I said, that the exercise for Beginners means you not necessary full squat up to I hear in the morning were parallel table you can call upon only half as just as we did and and something no person on February 15 go and 320 and four and five digits of water and
  • 10:36: 6 the light in cottages and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and since squats I left themselves a little
  • 11:11: almost down to teach more often important to work on Now this part the inside thigh the same ring on leg start of the country and You can be tied or just stuck Semashko and stepping the other foot on the gum here you may need supports or can something you will need to stay because the purpose of the country because that we are now to lift his leg and that heavier mucus closer
  • 11:42: and easier to able to slightly out see here such receive such voltage I honestly would take new side at the same time, I when you stay and seven one two three excellent 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 34 other side.
  • 12:25: You can be different I like to stay at anything or when you have not kept hold more work your abdominal muscles but to keep perform well good and arnica here you have hold one two three 4 5 6 seven eight nine
  • 12:59: Ten five more I never feel speak one two three 4 May be same Ukraine me and we will take stand can be put leg one thing Now, fast take a chance and come singing was over again
  • 13:30: if you need you can keep our youth and we will wheelbarrow lift his leg ago if you dare you want to keep We went two or three times on May 4 June 7 8 9 10 23
  • 14:04: 45 fine shall exchange it's going to the same same as you and check how convenient, you can add gum to it easier rose or reduce a It was simply among you themselves increase or reduce intensity and yes
  • 14:34: cool and 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4 and max and left the last exercise can almost all and make the last
  • 15:05: we exercise will give battle you know the drill but do not you know Now learn a leg which had the right to step on almost half and two narrow other hands We undertake finally that he was still here there is it He turns back and gum lift 5 Here, too, so the higher the raise the more not move the more than we need work fifteen travel 324 520 693
  • 16:01: Now set up rear left, front We went two or three times on May 4 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 at this today over here
  • 16:51: such exercises You can do with gum gum not generally it takes place ie if you leave if traveling you have somewhere to go out home if you have a very a lot of space and own dumbbell always possible exercise with rubber band and well-designed body so that you no more excuses If you do not have such as necessarily buy themselves so penny really that's all but very little worth it was two pounds or
  • 17:21: three pounds of how the volume and do these if you exercise want you repeat this complex one more time or more ie to base It received a total three laps and if you just starting and in general it is your the first training for long one circle enough to see you you the following Video not forget dad because for the newsletter These all videos go on the mailing week earlier great you moods
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