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Kanzasha's flowers of Master class \/ DIY Kanzashi

Kanzasha's flowers of Master class \/ DIY Kanzashi  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, my name is Anastasia Kulikova, in this video I'll show you how to do here is a flower kanzashi, and if you're wondering how to do it, then stay with me. Take a square of satin ribbon 5cm wide, we turn it into a triangle from another square 5cm make round Petal kanzashi, and put it into an island. We do these 8 petals.
  • 00:39: Next, take 8 cm satin tape of 5 mm width and make loop, making them 24 pieces.
  • 01:20: Now do the groundwork for the flower, for it cut off the a square edge 5 cm wide satin tape, and Opal the edges of the resulting circle.
  • 01:51: We begin to glue the tabs on the edge of the circle, in the first layer I have 14 petals. The second layer of glue between the two lobes
  • 02:21: the first layer. Make a flower from a prior petals.
  • 02:53: We supplement this flower is another view of petals. Let's turn the square satin ribbon 5cm wide and will do
  • 03:34: triangle, turn it upside down and attach the top piece satin tape width of 5 mm and a length of 8 cm. Make a sharp petal kanzashi. Cut off the edges and glue them over the candle. Now attach the petals to the first layer of the flower, every
  • 04:10: petal sticking between the two lobes of the first layer. Attach the resulting flower to the stem. Decorate midway, attach the polymer bead via
  • 05:19: universal glue. Consolidate this song on the rim.
  • 05:50: Thanks for watching and Creative you success!
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