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  • 00:00: Hello sik not I want to share with you like this pattern braided wicker Little asymmetrical one side intertwined like 3 other facial loop front side 1 it's her facial side and this is her Wrong side for knitting patterns network type the number of loops multiple of six + two hinges for symmetry + two edge loops and the pattern will be knit according to the scheme scheme you can download on my site ssylochku a video 1 s pattern from the front
  • 00:30: side and an edge remove the loop Beginners knitting repeat pattern this is our 1 Wrong Loop 1 front loop 1 Wrong loop and then 3 facial loop 6 loops correctly repeat, repeat 1 1 front 1 Wrong Wrong and 3 facial Wrong again and
  • 01:00: Wrong front and 3 facial thus we were binding until the last four or five because for symmetry how to knit purl right and wrong then remains edge passes also provyazyvaem backing loop it was the first case to the the front side and turn work the wrong side remove an edge then loop We begin to knit rapport pattern so
  • 01:30: 1 1 facial manner 1 Wrong side of the front and 3 purl loops and ie rapport again front loop Wrong loop front and loop 3 backstitches 2 rapport and so knit to last 4 stitches the symmetry of the loop
  • 02:01: 1 as the front knit 1 Wrong 1 front then edge loop and here provyazyvaem end purl it was the second loop purl row hand turn work is now the third and fourth rows is repeating the first and second row that is knit 1 Tir years and more Just do me down at the report 1 Wrong 1 front 1 Wrong then 3
  • 02:31: facial in the fourth number you report me 1 1 front 1 Wrong front then 3 backstitches loop 5 from the front party shooting an edge loop then that's the first three loops that It Was Wrong front Wrong Now we were binding a facial 3 loops facial and
  • 03:02: We believe these loops to rapport that is, symmetry loop further Beginners knitting repeat this additional needle and remove the next 3 loop leaving them to then left to work experts in drawing knit 3 loops is one on the night of 1 front and 1 Wrong loop then these three hinges
  • 03:32: extra spokes return back to left needle and course same provyazyvaem them ie drawing facial loops is It was a repeat of the pattern repeat on additional needle remove next 3 Loop leave them before working on the left We spoke on the drawing knit 1 Wrong 1 front 1 Wrong
  • 04:05: then the loop 3 with extra spokes return back to left needle and provyazyvaem simply facial loops is 2 rapport and so we repeat until the end series symmetry loop we got the drink has not knit up edge loop concludes
  • 04:44: edge loop which provyazyvat it was wrong fifth row front parties now have Figure misaligned the symmetry of the sixth row on the reverse side remove an edge loop and knit in the following way Now nature port comprises 3 backstitches loops then 1 facial 1 Wrong, 1 front repeat report 3
  • 05:16: purl loop 1 1 front 1 Wrong front and so we were binding up petyulyu symmetry the edge loop them to last four or five shall find hinges and lift provyazyvaem purl loops an edge provyazyvaem also seamy loop it is in their sixth row with
  • 05:46: seamy side and so knit the seventh row pattern of an edge loop remove begin knitting repeat of three facial loops then knit 1 1 Wrong side of the front loop and 1 Wrong repeat facial 3 1 Wrong loop 1 facial 1 Wrong
  • 06:18: Thus, we repeat report to May 7 3 symmetry loops provyazyvaem facial loops and an edge of course provyazyvaem backing loop It was the seventh row with the front of the 8 series on the reverse side we were binding as the sixth a number that is who we are were removed and the loop Knit rapport and 3 and sign
  • 06:48: They then loops 1 1 front 1 Wrong face again 3 purl front and Wrong front so knit up 5 mp July 2 symmetry loops concludes purl loops 9 number on the front side here not dismiss the case We have the right to remove
  • 07:18: an edge loop Beginners knitting report on the additional needle we shoot the next 3 pc whether these three loops We leave for work on the left of spokes Figure 1 we were binding Wrong loop 1 front loop and 1 Wrong loop Then remove the hinges on additional needle return back to left needle and provyazyvaem them too
  • 07:50: a drawing that is, KAMAZ facial loops this was the rapport pattern repeat on additional needle remove loops 3 We leave them for work on the left spokes we provyazyvaem 3 loops Figure 1 of this 1 Wrong side of the front and 1 purl return shot 3 loops back to left needle and
  • 08:21: provyazyvaem their facial loops Ready 2 cancers and Thus, we knit to last 4 loops are now symmetry last loop smack their provyazyvaem 1 purl 1, front 1 Wrong and
  • 08:52: bead course backing such we again loops equipped Look, it was the ninth row of the pattern 10 series pattern we Knit like the number 2 there shooting an edge loop etc. knit 1 front loop 1 Wrong loop 1 front hinge 3 backstitches loop repeat facial Wrong and facial
  • 09:22: loop backstitches Thus, we knit symmetry 50 the symmetry of the loop knit as the front Wrong and facial and bead loop provyazyvaem wrong it was 10 series is now drawing we need to repeat 3 to 10 rows and you refuel Latin some of its Braids turns that's so beautiful pattern front side Wrong side
  • 09:52: thank you very much to you had a school Our knitting yarn