Nataliya Ignatyuk

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Pattern spokes imitation of a braid

Pattern spokes imitation of a braid  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting this video I'll show you how tie pattern spokes imitating pigtail sample 34 loops to recruit sample recruit 34 loop provyazyvaem first row pattern
  • 00:34: an edge loop provyazyvaya not remove 2 facial provyazyvaem purl loops 3 2 facial 3 purl so repeating pattern
  • 01:09: is knitted to the end series provyazyvaem last eyelet a number 3 taken purl loops and 2 face an edge vyvyazyvayut seamy loop the number of front provyazyvaem loops
  • 01:41: number of an edge provyazyvaya not remove 2 purl loops 3 facial provyazyvaem loop in that order provyazyvaem first 2 facial loop a third loop loop not remove provyazyvaya thread for work on
  • 02:13: Figure 2 is repeated purl loop the first two loops provyazyvayutsya 3 facial obverse a loop can not be removed provyazyvaya bead Wrong
  • 03:13: a loop next row backing the first loop provyazyvaya not remove more is knitted by figure 2 facial loop provyazyvaem facial loops do not knit loop with a number of facial provyazyvaya not remove
  • 03:43: thread before work 2 purl loops provyazyvaem Wrong face facial loop provyazyvaya not remove thread before work 2 purl Loop 2 face him and they loop 2 purl 2 facial
  • 04:17: next row front front row vyvyazyvayut as vyvyazyvayut first time remove the front row an edge 2 purl loops 2
  • 04:48: loop provyazyvaem facial third front loop provyazyvaya not remove thread at work following 2 purl loop provyazyvaem 2 facial purl facial loop provyazyvaya not remove . at work, and so pattern repeats
  • 05:18: to the end of the series next row
  • 05:54: backing his provyazyvaem as provyazyvali 1 backing a series of pattern remove an edge 2 face no knit loop remove the thread before work 2 purl 2 facial so to remove the loop end of the series
  • 06:29: provyazyvaem front a number of first pattern remove eyelet 2 purl loop provyazyvaem Wrong Now a third loop which is not removed provyazyvaya provyazyvaem front loop facial loops
  • 07:02: provyazyvaem first and a second loop not knit remove eyelet 2 purl loop tightens a third loop provyazyvaem front
  • 07:32: loop provyazyvaem following facial 2 elongated loop the loop provyazyvaya not remove a third loop tightens
  • 08:05: provyazyvaem front loop provyazyvaem first front loop second front loop the remaining loop remove from the spokes and written not repeat patterns Knit the front row
  • 09:05: a back row provyazyvaetsya of repeating patterns knitting stitches facial loop provyazyvayutsya facial purl provyazyvayutsya 2 purl face 3 purl loop with a number of facial pattern
  • 09:40: repeated provyazyvaem 4 rows removing a third front loop is not provyazyvaya in personal number provyazyvaem loop crisscrossing such a pattern is obtained so pattern looks to face of such pattern with purl
  • 10:10: sides