Nataliya Ignatyuk

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Elastic band cartridge belt spokes | Rib knitting stitches  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Gum is a bandolier double-sided thick gum spoke quite elastic she just fit facial loops to link this gum spokes dial the number loops multiple of 4 plus 3 symmetry of the two loops + edge loop repeated up only two series and so first row to remove and an edge loop first knit loops 3 facial like this 1 the front face 2 and 3
  • 00:34: Now translate thread to work and remove the loop is not I did provyazyva translate thread I working again knit 3 facial January 2 and thread 3 translate to the work of removing the hinge string translate for repeated work repeat of the last 4
  • 01:06: loops in a row two are three loops do not Now run for crushed loop of thread 3 facial work 1 2 3 before working thread We removed the maths works left 4 loops 3 facial provyazyvaem
  • 01:37: This three loops symmetry and last bead loop provyazyvaem it 2 wrong number we so the first loop remove and then knit 1 facial translate before working thread remove the loop is not knit Translate thread for work knit 3 1 2 3 facial thread again
  • 02:07: before work filmed loop of thread you work and personal so repeat report that is, we have shifted report symmetrically remove the loop 2 facial removed loop below 3 before work facial January 2 and 3 was removed
  • 02:37: loop 3 facial number to be completed by thread before work to remove loop not knit 1 face and an edge knit purl Thus, we knit one vertical rapport pattern bandolier further repeat series for February 1
  • 03:11: pattern thank you very much you had a school knitting our beach