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Step-by-step recipe of the Pork skin po-Omski. The pressed skins. Sloyenny pork. Zelts.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my dear friend today I have cooked unique and tasty Recipes he called pork and preparing for Omsk Pork skins it turns pork skins under pressure or pressed dish's friend We would have given and we throw taken because We know the number unique recipe and which I want now namely to share with
  • 00:31: all we found it very long ago in those days when our shops nothing was she is always prepared breakfasts and lunches and dinners of course Waste can be said by-products from the and what would now be probably already modern man I would not cook but it does not mean that that the dishes were tasteless or anyhow
  • 01:02: They do it with pancake elegant recipes and elegant dishes and here One of them we moved through many years retained this recipe is their keep it used as Getting pork Omsk on the ground stage we carefully washed pork skins even bits of purified used nazhdachku but to dirt and grime
  • 01:33: so to speak, and went bacon and did not cut here is not so I think a lot of it even prosloechka will tastier and now we cleaned pelt Place the pan here in this cooked capacity where zalyu water and will boil about three hours and now we add up
  • 02:04: that is filled with water as a water flooded Well, not much overdone and therefore what Then the broth is not nourishing and I want This broth is then used to but if jelly get a reservation because it happens that sometimes fails broth and becomes nourishing here probably it depends tacky skin so when someone like
  • 02:36: it turns out it is not it turns out well, I am while preparing for that even then prepare this dish jellied means flooded with cold water and set on fire bring to boiling on heat our skin preparing a boil I tell you that we will need to to fill when the broth boil the skins before I just put there black pepper peas and bay leaf
  • 03:06: garlic cloves some about June 7 necessarily sharp bulbs pepper 2 medium annealed bo them in my Georgia you can use Caucasian Abkhazian and any other I think that annealing taste never change and no spice violated any adjika she always
  • 03:36: tasty and sea salt but you can not sea It can be simple, and Dir bathroom that is any table salt we just love sea ​​so it uses sea ingredients that we need to order was delicious broth and to a pork skin and boil it and They were filled here these ingredients our skin boil
  • 04:17: Now we do not pour water as many I recommend watching recipes, too many I poured the water is not • Drain the water and simply filter broth that is rented sc we shoot sc to be transparent broth why I did not strained because
  • 04:48: me the broth will need to me to do aspic and if I sc I spoil not kipa if I broth clean and pour another the clean water respectively, already stickiness in broth will it not brawn so I will I try this make two dishes at one in one or two generally short
  • 05:19: all all understand well all we have removed the broth My interviewed more scale clean tidy Broth put on slow fire and boil three o'clock is not of less than 3 to to pelt was really soft soft and was fine it can be thin and cut after we have removed
  • 05:51: scale we put dressed with broth helpful ingredients and snacks spoon can be heaped Despite how much salt you water in general Broth should be well salted bacon It absorbs a lot salt and are therefore often it so happens that it is not salt that is why it is sometimes necessary even when dosalivat on the shelf here Now we have thrown spoon until cool We saw even gorochkoy salt and then put 2 medium onions
  • 06:22: bulbs do not cut enough to put simply onions to this traditional to He surrendered here such here naughty specific sharp little taste bay leaf put as you like to taste since we so small put more quite three large sheets also we put pepper peas so little it
  • 06:57: just add garlic cloves just how much and pepper acute here literally a quarter is not much We do not need to overpay for a quarter, and more add remaining ingredient alive we put virtually we love spoon ostrenkoe it seasoning we love ostrenkoe it good enough Stir and as I He said previously
  • 07:27: We leave for an hour you languish on low fire shut cap necessarily dear friends for two hours before readiness about our stock you must put there are two carrots whole peeled for so that he gave amber broth carrot and did not have time seethe and was soft and Succulent but the broth accordingly, it was beautiful color morkovochkoy then we this will morkovochku
  • 07:58: use Jellied chicken and it is for us cooking whole skins not but will need to cooking aspic of chicken it is very necessary to be so timely Remember two hours repeating to the end and boil we add carrot passed half hour boil see what we it turns out well, clear broth it's nice
  • 08:28: already it is acquiring post about what style yellow carrot and you because amber tint but the filler will I think excellent and skin floor ready already poke has the floor but we are ready still do three o'clock because it can happen that will be soft skin you dads support there an hour or two soft skin is may initially pass freely but
  • 08:58: when it is already frozen it will be too so hard as I We have already said varimsya to 3 hours is not less Well Well our broth and shkurochki ready It passed all 3:00 wonderful Now We get pork skin spread on a dish where they will wait until cool here are no video
  • 09:34: as we lived shaped even swaying very OK collapsed swollen a miracle we get someone loves salt can add another vallon a spoonful of salt, we love a little salt and This will come in handy with a yes condiments in this case like this grainy mustard annealed smear top so we are not very season with salt to avoid It seemed salty or but who does not like to
  • 10:04: for the salad broth for cooking I need more salt put here a miracle I advise everyone to It called pork Omsk pleasant all appetite delicious I recommend and am waiting for you on your channel continue as before with you Irina