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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] hello friends welcome you to hey channel BBC cooking today we furnace Italian bread ciabatta four whose tank has hours crisp and very clean belle very very soft delicious bread traditional ciabatta prepare leavened
  • 00:30: and it's pretty Long procces Today I'll show you how to cook ciabatta just four o'clock and the result is excellent many holes crumbs and very crispy crust if you have it interested Stay with me let's start cup mixer pour warm water Next, add the salt and all mix
  • 01:00: to salt melted sift the flour is make sure that our flour sated oxygen [music] and pour the yeast [music] knead with a mixer first on a small speed to all Ingredients mixed and then We will knead on very big speed for
  • 01:30: ten to fifteen minutes say at once that for cooking this we test necessarily need mixer mixer type Do kenwood kitsch or extreme case combo not the usual bread maker approach because the dough should mixed up on a very high speed and as I said in flow ten to fifteen minutes to use and conventional mixer but the blades
  • 02:00: required condition kneading dough on high speed and not less than 10 minutes and is better 15 minutes I bowl previously greased with vegetable butter and spread to dough ciabatta adequacy test sticky and it should be [music] bowl close cling film and
  • 02:31: I leave for proofing about 3 chasa any circumstances not bowl the dough will not open press down bowl it is desirable to put warm place can to light a lamp in oven and place or just to get a bowl place the bowl near plate where he is preparing to eat be sure to watch that was not drafts for yeast dough very important three o'clock passed the test very bubbled and as you can see this he even low
  • 03:02: It was not enough remove the film and film ingot Nothing stuck dough terrible carefully remove working surface densely sprinkle flour is very important because that dough Ciabatta very sticky if you do not do it stick etc. spread accurately test [music] as you see it
  • 03:36: sticky enough turn over to it is a little enveloped with flour if you need more additionally sprinkle with flour as a you can test for ciabatta more watery than conventional dough pies or ordinary bread cut in half and whom today we there will be two Ciabatta each piece of dough little stretch
  • 04:07: We give shape to but not I find too many because it not good for of dough ciabatta ciabatta will lay a towel and leave for proofing 45 minutes the temporarily heated the oven is very important oven heated to maximum temperature with baking in or a form in which the you will bake ciabatta 45 minutes passed baking we
  • 04:38: heated up maximum temperature in the oven covering it with paper Baking and spread to ciabatta is now very important thing first Ten minutes bake ciabatta on maximum temperature then the temperature diminish to 220 degrees Celsius and we continue to bake 15 more minutes [music]
  • 05:09: Well our first ciabatta ready Now the most important thing let cool completely and only then can slice This is very important otherwise crumb is not so Burr clean Well cut and look what is it in [music] great crispy crust and see a crumb of it so it should be big amount
  • 05:40: holes enjoy all appetite cook with good mood and you need all happens if you I liked this video put huskies write no comments subscribe to my hey channel bi si cooking and my channel on their Canada op stop all canada thanks for watching bye Bye