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  • 00:00: Hello friends and pleased to welcome but you broadcast channel Like Like Like So today we let's talk about five the secrets of the perfect I started to gum knit cap I use pumpkin for this yarn lana grossa cache link, and I like it very much like and I do not here and not I finished I decided to quickly you talk talk the secrets of the perfect gum secret room one never tighten each
  • 00:31: Gum is a pattern that requires In order to make it Now this one side with the bulk other hand it It should be like this a wee bit stretchable and it It is achieved in that loop is not much tightened if you too much tighten the canvas it It will not be like that stretch beautiful secret room Now I will show two how you need to knit to your product has been a
  • 01:02: ideal elastic If you knit because you're used to I see show purl first, that's the face I I take the front stenochku loop and seamy Well it's not a lock so now many so so many are accustomed to knitting now I will show that from this so get over front and also for front here with this hand me the
  • 01:35: loop already here torsion you yes see all here rovnenkie same as the front and rear of the this way I can make this flap and there will be a loop I twisted Now then take off remove them and take off I show you how to to do so, and how you need to knit look front we take for front stenochku
  • 02:06: always wrong for back stenochku front again for front underside hind if you You will knit this way and never mix up then in that case, you get your ideal gum and it's a secret number two let's look on in secret number 3, I do not think
  • 02:38: much of a secret but you need to take good yarn the fact is that if you We found in the attic grandmother some there poor yarn that 25 years Saturday hope of She knit beautiful article we will It can be obtained on the chance of it rather small so I recommend take beautiful yarn that is, a new look at other Embedded possible you something like Here I am for myself at all recently opened for example the same buckle Eat link from lana grossa
  • 03:08: that is why experiment Take a beautiful yarn and I think that your products not only from gum but also with other patterns be beautiful and popular Secret number 4 for each yarn is usually listed and those that spoke must be with her knit that is very very often even if suddenly you Unknown it on your upakovochke up
  • 03:39: recommended Then you spoke You can dial one of the viewer, and youtube the same they already very much at all all yarn types, I think that you easily find an answer to your matter what the knitting needles out of the a yarn because if the spokes selected wrong and especially if there is no much experience in knitting you will or stretch in some point these loop in a certain place they no longer delayed and you Nepal that perfect pictures because your experts just do not
  • 04:09: matched properly way and the next secret secret number 5 Friends it is to find the perfect gum for your yarn from some the beach is beautiful gum such as two two out of some yarn will be fine Here's a look usual standard gum from some if mohair for example, and you will knit here such standard rubber I do not think that you someone topic 9 products It is very beautiful
  • 04:39: Here's an example of mohair often knit English gum because it looks more volumetric air and for this yarn this option and you are more suitable You can view also on my channel There are various videos like knit and English gum and Polish gum that is the fifth secret of my perfect gum is to find the perfect for your yarn and all your products thanks for all view hope
  • 05:09: My video was you beneficial to all success and until we meet again dear subscribers will if you have not yet pressed the bell necessarily then you press will be the first to see all my new video bye Bye