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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends are satisfied, and gardeners again and I've met Julia me from the channel Whether in the garden in the garden smile because happy today day early in the morning Today I'm going collect you see bucket prepared well even think of buckets will be small so I I will gather today cucumbers and particularly I just asked so many questions but may try seeds here and we sent to the test testing seeds
  • 00:30: ahrofirma search we there is the way video Specifically Variety I planted them in this greenhouse's you will see a reference by video this is what our video to read specifically with these varieties but I tell you that's just briefly and drank is listed of course hybrids bastion is 3842 days indeed cucumber showed himself very good so he
  • 01:00: you fruitful represent yes generally all cucumbers I have to be honest had ever seen in my when I went to take greenhouse Then his wife came home says listen at Tiffany as a cucumber Grapes hang i I say this not seen but really bunches and this one here is you and Bastion is average ramification really good for greenhouse cucumber Athos 40 to 45 days cucumber farsazh 3842 days and emerald dew but
  • 01:30: emerald dew and it scattering them all roses there really cucumber dew I want to say about everything Here's the cucumbers that's it agrofirm search that Well to be honest I very nice I would like of course wish to in Later on, these all seeds as it were such quality and the this germination
  • 02:00: because we have that the book with the we It is how to market to 1 shot well and then every year worse worse so I I hope of course that ogres Search company, they do not will to stop them soon all better and better and now specifically to these cucumbers here perhaps again, that's fair I say this is my review gardener yes you Then you see for yourself because Olya sure of all it is to them we are now
  • 02:30: simply remove both It was so entry Now Ali and remove all and you will really you You know from 7 to 8 pieces it is in the beam's This call beams zavyazyvaemost such cucumbers multitudes here but really very good and very a good I am happy and hybrids good germination good yield so that the seeds Well I probably here
  • 03:02: over the 7 way that we are sent put evaluation of our 5 plus of course not his We should remember from feeding and in the moment I want all the same yet you again recall that it watering watering cucumber I love here in track even track must constantly standing water Here I am in the greenhouse I go rubber boots because we have it is impossible to enter there we always We say the champs have constantly
  • 03:32: DC yes Well Perhaps I, in general, I wanted to stop these seeds because that asks how they behaved any harvest they themselves It feels whether they should be Well buy a Now we begin to our harvest cucumbers [music] [music]
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  • 04:46: [music]
  • 05:22: a [music] here's a look at at the same site as cucumbers a search so he just two three 4 5 6 7 8 8 cucumbers and all tied attrition It is not well that the cucumbers
  • 05:52: Well here is a harvest I cucumbers especially today vysyplyu I'll show you here ahrofirma search you look at what just excellent excellent pickles It is about a very good But on the whole greenhouse I like these here husband 2 cucumbers and so they are all equal all the good and another hybrid myself He wrote in a notebook booklet even hybrids
  • 06:23: not a hybrid as you It was bustling me it on Does channel in garden vegetable garden till