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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today back on the air channel questions watchdogs Today we will go We are talking about how to teach dog team suit this is very a multifaceted how to work in this the team can not be so
  • 00:30: uniquely once and for all, and we decided to problem there several stages when he called in training of this team yah first of which to start this It is understood as properly train him This dog team the fact is that it is better just when It extends from e.g. puppyhood but In principle it does not matter of dog age teacher this is elementary team that is until your puppy is
  • 01:00: It is in the house Oh how little Once he start appear as if interest general in the world and the like that is it He begins to run for you and so on then It has gradually start it teach this team how there he is his mother I began to play it on ticks lay you already I cooked vkusnuypirogek in the hands of his covenant it eg nickname called a We called him to me there eg not Balkancar
  • 01:30: and all dog heard from we went forth piece done clever well stroked over emotions because through emotions like It could not be better explain that the dog you're pretty fulfilled what we it all the time trying to do so to have been satisfied and here and so each time say went to another room there somewhere distracted I called again volcano stones e.g. he once again ran his sweets again a bunch of younger emotions
  • 02:00: well he is clever learn this command home that is you You see how a dog team say there Volkonka me he will run so you achieved its purpose but it's not you vynesh or command and The fact that an error many beginners Kennel so that when they learned this command in the house and when they go to they out faced with the that their dog does not listening they see horrible
  • 02:32: I got no good rude dog like shorter speaking about a miracle in feathers actually here a little bit not so when the dog starts go first let's say your months life on the street It is clear for opens another no other odors other irritants for example there walking somewhere near other dogs birds that fly a blade of grass which meters
  • 03:03: swayed or bumblebees squeezed touch so anything that there is a dog of honor the word is not it up to you the world know about it also need to remember at first when you not go out with the street you just need to she is used to setting at least to the place where you will teach and Now you chose a site where you will teach in this team for to train a dog this team
  • 03:35: it is desirable to choose a place where there would be a It had no transportation nearby will not say So Hazardous some areas where the dog could house play too long or run on its wave and say Chambers trouble e.g. on a pile of glass on somebody bumped there or still to like barbed wire but you never know which may be about away from these things to keep and can begin train before you start learning This command dog It can be a little bit
  • 04:06: hold the head that is, you can not supplementation or me to feed all for example in the evening what we do to the dog was hungry at this point to interest the food was more than distractions because when you're on street exit exit gonna call she remembered the that this team give the sausage yes but grass can be swinging wind will be more she's just interesting will not turn
  • 04:37: 6 in which the enemy initially better avoid such of things further prepare the bag in which will special food let's say for feeding I usually use frankfurters less about here such thickness rings in Depending on the still dog if it such as little more and dwarf bead clear pieces of yet to cut in half
  • 05:08: brewed Dog training is not I managed to become and I lost interest general for classes well, imagine that we out such as Now let's place on this place can be calmly deal Now that's the command as ie it is done let go of the dog with leash or is generally long lace some but here will cling to will feel that her pulls and can constantly monitor
  • 05:38: water walking as shelf you should try just let go released and of course walking the dog runs He is doing his works the way very important thing to occupations have to start no sooner than half an hour until the dog just their natural needs Right meaning it will walk spam planet then only engaged training all were released the dog it runs on that we do say
  • 06:08: we need to call it we call on for example it is named Now the dog is standing villa if I call Monty stones stones Montik fellow clever well done and so here it Praise fellow clever good wash well done and clever good girl fellow praised gave sweets well done and clever vkusnyashek we today Well done one myself all
  • 06:39: and very and release important moment walk they all walk forward We do not keep a dog when she came not Keep it does not cling her on a leash just One dose should Remember one thing, and and called for to give the sausages all not to and the glory of the first that mistake allow people with learning this campaign is that when they do not know how this we learn something if the dog is, if It does not come to him until
  • 07:09: mania and I begin her running from something you can not do if you was given command of the stones dog breeding never happen run after him and always on the run ie dogs The situation in e.g. which we released dog she runs we call it such basin rocks Let me I Camry dinghy basin does not listen What do we have to do Then you just need to to squat if a man It sits on the
  • 07:39: haunches in the dog is It arouses curiosity Here's how it ran example that is crouching man It gives them interest then we have Just make spout me and all dinghy such as rushes Only dinghy ran clever fellow good on thee piece fellow shod walking and send a dog free-floating most walks when we We are going to give dog team rocks you need to choose such
  • 08:10: times when you most believe that dog kiddies if you see that somewhat interested still some out there moments and diverts do not let this command is not necessary to it attracted ignore the fact there's such You go walk alone you are going to give dog team rocks she calls a crouched all of course stones team canceled for this case always teach dogs other team that is, as it were, two Team stones 1
  • 08:40: voice dialing dhow just stones they but run the command can ignore what is there such all dog crouched all clear command but if you canceled it will take the whistle the sky was not to dog is not doing must run to me for this thing to I usually do when Yes, I just walk for example see my dog somewhere overworked and I such as doing a whistle
  • 09:10: all of them if I now and in this moment just need to run they flee remember that whistle it is possible to lose the owner left without host the get lost there 10 of course here this Moment crowd rushing for you that they We do not go there toilets cuts leg or We found delicious bone somewhere zanykal the large they abandoned their like it is for people here
  • 09:41: it's not the team they We must break the never chick time I did reinforce Q1 and beamed as Flee to sit on them Flee they remember It is very clear whistle or clap such as hands loud enough for a long time whether there can be any another word come up like shouted apples and We are running away all one word command stones 2 all apple apple He shouted dog
  • 10:11: He rushes to the fact yet very important point so for example your pet here is something such as I pee on the walk but let's bark furiously human izvalyalsya what some of odorous material focus so I found some trash izvalyalsya there you have it note on command stones and cursing whatever In no case do impossible if you are called a dog team stones Never in my life another that can not be never do
  • 10:41: approached dog You can not threaten on the go or in any the case can not kick why because Foot is to protect and it's all the same connected with the same team to me why because when you click to I give this dog for her happy and joyous Command card which it except there You radiate on shelf gradually even this from time to time the time when the dog to you but does not fit there need only
  • 11:11: Kassil yes there gave all on a team I ran for a walk immediately minute passed and you again to me not letting go take a walk so let it be forgotten 10 times for a walk you can make the time from the time when she It can respond hook and on carabiner even one or two walk a couple of times meters with her again instruct and black lest elaborated Now the fact that the negative when it is suitable and cling on leash and This home is introduced here
  • 11:41: the time is also very there are still important trouble ahead after your the dog will learn the command stone it will be amazing perform very often happens so that there comes a time before the dog is adult begins Ignore this command and what is the reason that's just the pharmacies Such are the early stage when training suppose you It did not give a feast mardana for example there was a strong
  • 12:11: somewhat interested and ignore her love is postponed and gradually each time moment by moment when you give command and the dog does not fit and you missed this moment he gradually develops its opinion but what else terrible things are not I come and we all called me to not will nothing nothing All this is not falling the time, sooner or too late for many It comes and it seemed I have bred dog
  • 12:41: already yes and the man team rocks stop listening and that does not fit in Here I deal choose less flat area where tethering the dog on cord somewhere 20 meters 25 nylon cord so thin but very well here strong and it is very it is important that it does not clung notes from less smooth wear was so that you can like
  • 13:12: but would be free to like a dog, and that's at a time when we already on oborzel for example made clear understand that Stone does not listen go out it's desirable not by the collar cling to the harness e.g. on bus isa dog surface Rasch and large Shea good everything will be ok that is, you give stones team the dog does not obey gloves to do hands not to burn spurt to me all the dog even cessnock fell more
  • 13:44: afraid she understood if you gave me command but come portage attract and here and so gradually to me to to me that is makes her go anyway and Now this string is It has long poly I make it clear to the sum of in total weight and gave me command not then you want is not there a rope and gradually bring resigns himself to a dog that we have problems with to me there is no command to hours will call them all zander
  • 14:15: rocks near the rocks all places place Anton small stones place Anton parking spaces Anton Place Anton tank line down Go to the place he is ready place like this ghouls, ghouls Friday 15 done good in
  • 14:53: clever good Friday jump today tried explain how he could like teach your dog team me if something will it is not clear to write in comments to questions will specify the time and subscribe to Channel issues and watchdogs and everything will excellent