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Lesson No. 2. How to teach a dog to command to sit \/ the Endurance on command \

Lesson No. 2. How to teach a dog to command to sit \/ the Endurance on command \"to Sit\"  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello! Here today we got Finally sisters to Chaney to Gracie. 18 of us were 2 months! Very beautiful child, very active, positive, willing to work and communicate.
  • 00:35: We begin our next lesson Gracie likewise With concentration. This is a very important exercise for normal vzaimdeystviya owner and dog to dog in the mood to work, clearly understood that the treat It does not come from the hands and from the host. Today we look at two things: the initial exposure the command "sit" and the second time, we will consider all myths and all the problems that arise when food aggression.
  • 01:09: In this age of food aggression physically It can not be, but there are exceptions. We will see how to act at this age, in order to future problems with food-impact does not occur. We start with concentration. Delicacy is two hands, our task: to explain dog simple circuit. We give her a treat, we have to this use encouraging voice of a long, if
  • 01:41: we want to keep the look and short sound marker "Yes", if we want to mark the moment when the dog did what we want from it, and it looked in the eye. It is important not to hurry. It is important to try
  • 02:13: do everything possible relaxed. Your hand does not move until the moment when you are not convinced that sounded marker "Yes". Marker "Yes" is very important for one simple reason, it is not in the literal sense of encouragement, a hint that the moment what you are doing - bringing you benefit. If we receive we have the correct response, and we want to extend
  • 02:44: look and keep it for yourself, we just srataemsya voice to praise her when she looks at us. - Gracie! Well done. Umnichka. This is of course on the ground lesson is extremely difficult to get a long-term concentration, and in principle does not necessarily even naobrot not need.
  • 03:15: First you have to build your outline so that the first we went 2-3 short sight, then try a little bit longer hold the view, and then again 2-3 short ... Any exercise that we start with a puppy in this age should always be very short INE to bother him. Your hand starts to move towards the dog in order to encourage
  • 03:47: lamostvom it only after you said marker "Yes". In order not to distract the dog and at a time when we say the marker, the dog pay attention to us, rather than treat. Gracie has performed very well This exercise, and once again remind you that this Exercise is best to start with a puppy before the working out any initial commands. It will set up its to work, to interact, give him little opportunity
  • 04:20: calm down, focus on the fact that we interact with the owner, and not simply eat the pieces of his hands. Our next step - is to teach to the initial exposure. Grace is no leash, so we are going to consider the very initial stage, when the correction we do not spend. with the owner, and
  • 06:47: not
  • 07:40: just eat pieces of arms.