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Cap - a beret a pattern \

Cap - a beret a pattern \"The priest - Korn\" How to crochet a hat (Sh No. 84)  See details »

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  • 00:00: I'm glad to see you on its channel and not Now I want to show you interesting Beanie cap can be even say takes because it's so that's interesting expanded pattern popcorn that we regarded as fit spiral and if tie a little more kinds of it will be full
  • 00:30: takes if you associate series is a little less it will simply simple hat spiral knitting pattern ass I take a look as it is fit for knitting hats I took strings firms sapphire sapphire 250 meters of 100 grams recommended hook I described four and took four
  • 01:02: aerial loops knit 96 5 girls remember ninety six loops inlaid series Now we align All our chain that it is we the same closable a circle closes the circle and first row knit columns with one nakida full circle
  • 01:32: scored air Loop 123 and the first row just knit columns one sc in each air Now I want to loop here change on the hook three and a half to To make it more tight knitting and I continue to knit all very recommended 1 dial-up number do hook
  • 02:02: a little more and knit a little smaller then knit will easier and dial-up number series will paint and easy knit columns with one sc the entire period not dovyazyvaem first row remember 96 5 is a standard 5455 Women's Sizes dovyazali now Our task knit 3 rows of rubber
  • 02:33: gum we will facial relief and Another two columns and embossed facial 2 relief column backstitches 12 and again 2 facial column relief face remember that forbid completely goes beyond column and provyazyvaetsya and
  • 03:04: backing like this that's captured all body column provyazyvaetsya here thus we you knit 3 rows and and yes we contact you gum now we We will knit main pattern 3 air loop is we will have one the second column column 3 April and May 5 bars and everyday
  • 03:39: its just knit columns 3 column we We will knit 1 2 3 popcorn pattern, and we received reports eight columns In total we have 96 shares 8 that is, if you will knit more than Lemesh keep in mind that eight pattern rapport columns 5 Knit Now knit from one column 4 1 2 3 4 remove the hook
  • 04:14: one-two-three-four, our first remember column provyazyvaem together in the same way We do two more times with 1 column 2 3 4 4 knit hook Chita removed first he was the first loop
  • 04:45: column, enter the hook and still a time 1234 choose hook introducing the first and a column like this way charging knit with 5 columns one nakida here
  • 05:15: so we have a simple pattern sore 1 2 3 4 5 5 five bars 3 simple and popcorn 5 again simple 3 popcorn dovyazyvaem first row if everything is correct We calculated the figure You should all
  • 05:46: if you come together divide by 8 like me ninety six loops at the entire pattern We with you should come together in the right order dovyazyvaem our fourth popcorn in the fourth column and connect knitting a little and I will change I show you in one number and we will knit spiral me I'm
  • 06:17: here we do not breed rinse connection column we get and knit 1 2 3 1 bar this is our column 2 and April 3 5 bar we were binding here we our popcorn goes here five pillars we every shift in
  • 06:48: each row we shift pattern we We will knit popcorn just so that we more correctly happened, let look how I provyazyvayu here here provyazyvaem we 1 will be your obedient fart and 3, and here we are make engine stitch one bar we It will be 5 columns and each row we do like this
  • 07:18: way to move One popular food and one bar in each side every time one side here we were binding with you 234 the fourth column we start provyazyvaem 1 2 3 4 1 water column and in-law, we simply
  • 08:01: bar we were binding popcorn so we do with engine two three four we will do in the engine each row so we a little bit I moved and now we were binding five columns like us It was one-two-three-four, Here we get
  • 08:34: Now this is space skip here Now knit 5 and here there is a little bit of these little we We moved here such engine, we will do in each row This will the only thing change we were binding 1 2 3 here here here the first column, you do not knit popcorn father first navel chickens not We will knit a column Now in this way we are going to knit as something
  • 09:04: centimeters to bottoms as soon as I I'll make it up to the bottoms I will show you how are we going and how to reduce the knit on a long flat knit cloth in each row pushing one column to measure what we do the length from the beginning gum no turns 13 centimeters
  • 09:34: I measured the cap we have approached the bottoms if you have the desire to see it wide enough that there is also a form of ticket is also suitable very well here It may be a few more years . knit but do not dec if you want to knit hat I then Here are some we are and we begin to knit do ubavki
  • 10:06: provyazyvaem first our pattern popcorn who we are We know and then to simple poster at food and provyazyvaem anything with it without changing and we ubavki do on simple 4-poster series we need for ubavok about 4 centimeters if you do
  • 10:37: Calculations 234 provyazat the first series we are the first pattern popcorn now look the first column and 2 we We unite here and then knit all as always so we also spiral will
  • 11:07: to knit but we will turn down first second column obtain 1 2 column in this series in next next until we all our lush bars not humbly adjoin one and place a few. get here expect 4 will have we will combine first second column all the rest such as tie the same pattern knit up the place where at
  • 11:37: Acronyms 5 4 3 2 1 we I remained alone bar's double we were binding on I joined here original loop and we will knit two column 2 together and popcorn 12 is also moving on spiral and then we'll
  • 12:07: Knit 1 and 1's see that we Makes 1 popcorn here we double column on this place we were binding another This picks up in 1234 provyazyvaem tie Now knit two
  • 12:38: Here's a column here and here column knit together knit the next place popcorn and here popcorn 12 knit together that is we cut ponemnozhechku not 3 popcorn but only 2 and place two bars knit a column 1 which is We stayed 2 that we had
  • 13:08: folder we combine knit 2 column together the two obediently on the same place on February 1 spiral dovyazali number 2 of popcorn and two column is combined with one vertex here are our two bars we are here to connect them still a time we do the same thing we'll want to knit and the second column and here
  • 13:42: here where we had double column, we knit one pattern that is, humbly we now have with you there should be 2 column with twins and I them popcorn and the same He's going on vertical Shift instead of the two of us talking one where we and a column is obtained column here
  • 14:12: combining knit here ass in this way a little shift and reduce our bedplate dovyazali number joined we get 1 column 1 popcorn they column 1 popcorn that we do go But in this dual column and knit 1 2 3
  • 14:42: knit popcorn that is, now we columns are not simple we will bind only ass column 1 via column skip knit to pop feeds let's see how it is with We get one ligaments and popcorn one but skip here and double we loop in mystery knit a column Only one pattern popcorn and then quite simply, we
  • 15:14: Hook put all our popcorn and all our crown will almost ready assembled him our cap tied one the pillar not as on the pillar one popcorn and Now you can in each can be through one even probably yes in the navel
  • 15:44: Day 23 let try this a way to connect can each try column glaucous possible through if It will be too we are ugly dismiss all try to connect differently then we they are not so much you can try to collect
  • 16:16: But if too will be a lot of openwork then we will contact you polustolbik each we got to thereby to often look that we get here so we see here is the conclusion of basically enough We are beautiful, and you now I do not finish
  • 16:48: until the end of dovyazala here and imposing autistic already connected here you can associate another column that we were not here Openwork and excess let's connect see what we It happened here Basically you can now just
  • 17:21: pull loop or a needle to collect the need to bottle collect all the loops reserve and thread collect all our
  • 17:51: loop over here and then Now tighten and our cap will be ready been here if this hat on child can be any pompons sew some flowers to come up if it adult hat I I think that it will be possible quite simply pattern tighten the inside and that's
  • 18:21: Our cap is ready to tighten all That such is obtained we have bedplate our autumn spring hat-beret such plan style spiral Spiral pop map we have to be ready all pleasant viewing
  • 18:52: thank you I watched my movie to end subscribe to channel stavte husky and write comments for me it is very important