How to connect the BEND on a cap, a cuff and td.

How to connect the BEND on a cap, a cuff and td.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I and this name has knitting channel today you I asked I want you show how to knit Here's a crook and caps it can also be It is linked to cuff or it can It is connected when you must lock fold this flap It captures extremely gives him to move out as he helpful if such you have a hat with Lapel and you want to fix the edge will this one edge or here in this region
  • 00:30: Generally this technique lot where applicable just today I will I show you how to make such an edge when knitting in a circle and knitting rotary rows here I Gum 11 here I have two on gum two so you can see this illustration various gums in basically the same can do and the front surface of when you realize the principle of a look so to fix the edge when all stitches and so
  • 01:01: Here is my sample it involves a rubber band 2 on 2 Now imagine that we knit knitting cap and now it's time to fold our task facial loop provyazyvat not wrong provyazyvat and thread leave before purl loops and gum matter we 2 to 11 or 2 that is what we are doing provyazyvaem facial
  • 01:33: purl loop and remove the thread before seamy loop but thus not tighten too that is, it should not be but too loose they are too tight just do not lie to find a loop and so we are so knit the first row and those we do and four more that have We should get 5 series which we provyazyvaem only facial loops you
  • 02:04: may seem that it has something that a lot of there turns out you 5 rows in a row you provyazyvaete facial purl loop loop you just shooting it may seem that the well somehow will then pull on the case 5 rows it is very very best the amount you are in this sure when try and so I Knit 5 rows You see here compote there was formed a tubercle these are the five facial series
  • 02:35: who knit and while on the other reverse side with their holding in this assembled those purl loop we do not provyazyvali further we knit just for once drawing as planned here such in the end I I turned the fold have in this expanded state is It looks like some kind of knobble and when we folded the
  • 03:05: then we formed this fixed no neat edge any case it does not It looks somehow tightness or excessive 5-series is just It is the best the amount of no more We need less not good enough will be recorded that's how it looks
  • 03:35: by and large such a margin, you can not to use only hats you can it use cuffs if you are very important that land was fixed to it not orzal eg it is not children's clothes I want something constantly slipped sprawling and you do not I want to at the same time cuffs somehow sew and then fix you can simply fix here this region now I I want to show how
  • 04:05: a bend knit when you not knit in a circle and but turning rows for example, I took longer gum double gum 11 for a change, I I hope it is clear that can be used gum 11 knitting in a circle and bends the results of two on two it does not values ​​the principle same, we purl loops do not provyazyvaem and shoot and facial provyazyvaem purl not remove
  • 04:39: provyazyvaya and facial provyazyvaem wrong not remove provyazyvaem no longer and aphids and facial provyazyvaem wrong and shoot Front rule and so we do the entire first number so we knit first row at knitting in a circle, we will continue as Knit 5 rows
  • 05:09: but turning ranks we need do the following unfold knitting and now It receives the loop that we provyazyvali they became Wrong and now for which we are not provyazyvali they became facial so we necessary facial loops do not provyazyvat and purl provyazyvaem ie Here we Wrong we loop it provyazyvaem front we remove the loop when
  • 05:39: This thread behind our front loop seamy provyazyvaem front remove and thread for loop seamy provyazyvaem front remove and tively point Now I knit 5 series and for example rotary
  • 06:10: series is particularly evident what happens in then see itself bends edge without his boil and then we We are simply knit on Figure it is good with the gum 11 and we were binding gum 11 like that in up looking from the skip on turning the ranks it is not so
  • 06:40: some incredibly obvious but of course if you will pull you You see this bump edge enough well fix that is, he kept this Of course the situation at need you you can link more than 5 rows because any unique yarn 5 rows it is
  • 07:10: the average which I had with practice withdrawn less unlikely once you will do well sometimes need more this is my experience of it says I hope that something with which I am today I you was shared useful for you if so put me fingers upward and This I say goodbye to you until tko