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  • 00:00: [music] hello and Today we will prepare very simple dish but very tasty let's start now prepare homemade donuts is very tasty pastries but we will now fry vegetable oil as is typically we do with donuts the most important thing is dish is prepared easily quickly and easily and so we need warm meal
  • 00:31: necessarily yogurt salt and a little soda Sahara flour necessarily to sift and leave little to kneading dough on the table add a tablespoon spoonful of sugar is good stir flour do well and pour warm yogurt immediately add salt and sugar and quickly knead
  • 01:02: dough for too long the dough Knead not need it should be lush and soft I'll add some more flour to already there look at their who score highly flour dough does not need and here at this stage I
  • 01:35: I leave the dough like you can see it is still alive and not exactly crammed soft flour I [music] and [music] I had a good cover with his napkin and I cover the top tight plate if there is a cap
  • 02:05: you can cover it cover and leave rest for 30 to 40 minutes Now pour a little table with flour We shift the dough and [music] I remember just a little his collecting in seredinke now much flour do not need Now gentle and airy Roll out the dough to not a very thin layer
  • 02:40: [music] somewhere centimeters one and a half it is very gentle and very very air the way in Kazakhstan Our donuts are called to hare Now take any You can take the form of even an ordinary glass and cut out [music]
  • 03:13: Now we lay them napkin and give minutes five to ten Now get over it We put the pan on the better to fire from It was wide and high sides pour oil Vegetable me gone somewhere gram 250 300 the pan 26 centimeters check the readiness oil it should warm up seventy
  • 03:44: eighty degree that is to be hot Put the piece test and watch the dough He was beginning to like just beginning to roasts went bulbashki I them call bubbles oil already ready and can be spread our crumpets I fry them usually medium heat but already there look at their plate
  • 04:15: fry on both sides of a few minutes as the Once they have grown the amount purchased golden color we overturn see how they eyes I grow them turned fry somewhere in their five-seven minutes from two sides if you do more heat can fry and 3-4 minutes on each sides the most important thing to
  • 04:47: they were not raw Now in their we obtain and spread on a napkin to stok excess fat or just on the grid and in the same oil spread rest [music] and see how quickly
  • 05:19: what magnificent air obtained crumpets Certificate only soda and yogurt if it is sweet crumpets have to wait when they have cooled and sprinkle with sugar powder and can be make very delicious sweet I call hem that we are with you and We do take the cream better to take a fatter add sugar
  • 05:49: powdered sugar by the way powder can prepare yourself and a little vanilla sugar and preparing it very easy normal grind sugar or coffee grinder or Hand blenders well now just We split a hand and smear doing donuts like this get a very tasty and appetizing and I also wish you
  • 06:20: Bon Appetit and Our dish is ready, I I think that the recipe you like subscribe to our leave your channel no comments forget about bell in the right upper right corner to receive alerts the release of the channel new dishes subscribe to our family channel link It will be on video enjoy your appetite good day with you I was Irina white [music]
  • 06:50: [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [applause] [music]