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Herring under a fur coat. Simple and fast recipe. Pleasant appetite:)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today we will try to quickly cook herring under a fur coat you first need to clean a herring then cut off the head abdomen remove the foil film better to take If an incision along spine and then we Slide your finger on backbone for to quickly separate the meat from the bones tear the tail in two overturn
  • 00:31: herring turned bow and tear if left some of their bones must be carefully extract then sliced herring cubes
  • 01:01: take the plate in which we will salad served but plates lubricates homemade mayonnaise his recipe you can find watching video at this link Now spread pickled onions onions half an hour before
  • 01:31: salad preparation We need to marinate To do this, cut cubes 2 heads onions add one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon sugar in half an hour socks bow bow merge get a very pleasant sweet and sour and spread on dish I spread half onions as this two serving plates then spread
  • 02:02: I half herring I do it by hands because it is oily and split spoon and and complicated as we bow marinated second bowl with mayonnaise and lubricates take part grated potatoes and spread in a thin layer per serving two medium potatoes size then we put mayonnaise
  • 02:50: yet the salad will disperse the edges dishes but when we do the last ball we are correct then 2 decompose grated eggs and one carrot small it is desirable to prepare
  • 03:22: this salad in advance that he at least few hours I stood in the fridge beets we immediately mix with mayonnaise that then was easier to cover it salad for one portion , only one bright Now we proceed to
  • 04:11: decoration of parchment of paper do strip on a fine grater rub separate protein immediately on salad also corrected the other side, we
  • 04:45: decorate yolk under the green outline onions salad ready pleasant appetite