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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today he offer learning knit pattern horizontal band for this purpose on spoke we recruit a multiple loop three + two edge I gained 35 loops loop start Knit the first row we provyazyvaem with you all loops facial remove the first loop
  • 00:31: continue with you provyazyvaem all loops facial last an edge
  • 01:29: We Wrong loop Knit the first row turned knit second row second row we are knit, too, all eyelets first facial shoot to finish you knit series facial loops past the edge loop you always purl knit the second row of the loops facial third row first distal edge
  • 02:04: loop we shoot further we are from three loops 3 is knitted loops enter the right needle left hind wall provyazyvaem 1 facial loop knit free sc and 1 front loop for the rear wall of the 3 we cut out with you 3 loop emitting and repeat until the end of a series of three 3 is knitted loops
  • 02:34: 1 loop for the front nakida rear wall and facial loop knit free we continue to knit
  • 03:04: every third row of three loops 3 is knitted loops 4 a number of first distal edge remove and provyazyvaem 2 purl loops and given to you will vyvyazyvayut report our consists of three loops thread before work provyazyvaem first the second loop not wrong We go down the wrong one
  • 03:35: and lowered and third Wrong loop We give you knit 3 loops, and our report before the end of the series 2 purl loops then one purl loop lowered and third knit seamy loop knit the fourth row at the end of row 1
  • 04:40: Wrong loop and last bead in us and Wrong turn over and continue to knit our pattern horizontal repeating the strip with first to fourth knit to the desired number repeating to us the height first to fourth we finished the series knit our sample here is a pattern
  • 05:11: horizontal bands we have with you face turned Wrong side thanks for all attention and if there questions write to the comments you Elena was bye Bye