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Brooch from beads and beads \"Leaf\". Beadwork.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Julia and my faculty crafts In this master class We'll be with you embroidery and beads beads just such This bright brooch beautiful leaf can complement your favorite blouse or dress and become interesting accent in your way I'm going to do this brooch specially for caps which only which is connected on its Me hat very
  • 00:30: comfortable and easy to wear but looks modestly enough on I think here just asking bright focus on it until emblazoned is such small brooch and soon it will be replaced bright leaf which to remind of Heat in a green summer while you can try here the future pattern brooches way download it can in the group VKontakte link I leave the bottom in the description I have I received from you great amount requests master class in
  • 01:00: knitting a hat to Unfortunately this time I I did not remove the process knitting so We have to tie more one cap especially for you says my sister caps are not a lot it happens then we will knit much for his brooches I pulled out of his stocks of all shades Beads green just think add to it little golden it beads tenth size by preciosa I do not dictate the number will most likely
  • 01:30: you just have some remnants swipe inventory of their reserves and if see fit acquiring the missing shades in my opinion leaflet will look beautiful if they present and very dark tones and shades of bright green and transparent light green color yet we need handle scissors basis for pins Future Fox pattern. thread and needle
  • 02:00: I will not have to embroider Committee of 100 that brooch was I was more noticeable add embroidery bu Well this is a glass transparent beads with form rondel 2 3 millimeter and this but looks and beads slightly larger than 3 to 4 millimeter them silvery spraying but also time they give green verge These beads are sparkle in the rays light and a brooch is not exactly will not seen and yet
  • 02:30: add embroidery a few rhinestones to they shone on leaflet like drops of dew as we need small piece skin for decoration the back of the brooch can take natural leather can be artificial or felt as little size template translate leaflet contour in felt Using a pen or pen and draws streaks begin embroider
  • 03:01: I take for the contour dark green beads colors We derive a needle in any convenient place where the contour line 2 and recruit beads to start omit them down the thread to around to see the distance at which they need to be consolidate and enter to needle then draw the needle
  • 03:32: before the last beads and go a needle in her same [music] again recruit 2 beads and anchoring of the contour line then draw the needle between them and pass the last bead
  • 04:02: [music] in this way embroider dark
  • 04:32: color beads all foxes circuit. and veins [music] further post beads around the edge of the fox. We derive a needle in corner recruit two Beads 2 and 3 exactly as well as beads sew near
  • 05:02: try to outline arrange the beads tightly to the beads to to be seen lumen felt if you believe necessary to walk on beads thread again to more tightly fix them [music] similar We sew large beads on the opposite edge Next is rhinestones in those places
  • 05:32: where you like and thermal paste them applicator who do not He knows this I have a tool He appeared with kits manufacture of icons adhesive rhinestones and after work were themselves rhinestones [music] Now embroider golden beads outline around glued rhinestones in Technology nothing changing recruit on two beads
  • 06:02: anchoring them contour line We derive the needle between they continue in last bead We will continue to embroider leaf beads for He is beginning to take beads lighter shade and We pass around the edge near the circuit foxes. [music] That's how I now
  • 06:36: It looks like a piece of me He held lighter beads on the edge dy beads overshadowed veins and two embroidered series on the opposite side take more more light shade and continue field embroidery fox. fill vacant seats [music] something like this will look like your leaf and although you
  • 07:06: it anyway succeed such an individual embroidery process require creative approach and even I probably will not be able repeat this brooch exactly the same left to fill central part of the lightest transparent beads [music] So we embroider
  • 07:42: over now We need to trim excess felt along the contour carefully not zadente thread so as not to budded embroidery Now draw out circuit finished embroidery thick paper or cardboard reduce Template for a few millimeters and cut out further take jewelry
  • 08:15: glue and glue cardboard on the back side embroidery stay beautiful draw back side brooches and fasten the clasp We take a piece of the foundation skin and attached to the so it embroidery that they touching seamy the parties do the pattern and cut out [music] We outline the place
  • 08:50: attaching fasteners and We make slits in which inserts buckle base previously coated with adhesive [music] glue etc. the pattern of the goat
  • 09:20: embroidery and give time dry glue [music] now we will sheathe beaded brooches end we start with a thread a small bundle on end between the layers [music] further again this the aisle seat through a needle layers at this point you can make a bundle the thread was middle recruit 2
  • 09:51: beads what color you You will sheathe the edge I decide for yourself I chose the darkest green color retreating from the place first puncture short distance and go through a needle through all layers Now withdrawn through a needle extreme bead down up we need to make it developed further We will recruit for and a bead stepping distance equal to the size of the beads
  • 10:21: We go through all Embroidery layers and typed bead down up [music] [music] in this way embroider the entire face leaf in a circle [music]
  • 11:02: and here it is add the latest bead set it on place and go needle in the first bead to also deploy it in right direction [music] [music]
  • 11:37: Here's what our brooch feedback hand we have left only divert a thread in side and make Locking knots [music] [music]
  • 12:12: [music] I hope that this Master class was for You understand and you with pleasure make a brooch for yourself or someone in gift and I have now instead clips will be cap flaunt
  • 12:42: this wonderful piece of paper if you like this in Rosh put huskies share this video social networks and be sure to write feedback in any comments your action It helps to develop channel and therefore these Master classes will see not only you but also those to whom they will also be useful and interesting who are not yet with us subscribe to and channel switch bell premises not to skip new needlework lessons
  • 13:12: you were Julia and my Faculty of needlework bye Bye [music]