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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today will kneading dough Russian northern gingerbread goat Shell is here such cute cut-out Gingerbread they come from Arkhangelsk area where they baked izdrevne thought initially they We were in the form of home animals in these goats hence came the name Though there another interpretation this word now! They said bake different forms and dough for them kneaded different I suggest you one of options such test it without honey on so the wives of sugar we begin to recipe You need a glass of
  • 00:30: very good gorochkoy sugar 250 grams approximately only half sugar and scatter or in a frying pan or in a pan of This half of the sugar we will make little wife which will give especially color our those with such saturated very brown beautiful a unique color heat the sugar is then melt Koran formed and quietly mix order sugar to melt evenly Italy
  • 01:00: sugar will melt and to dark brown Colors have a technological the concept of blue smoke Now sugar very pleasant smell caramel and then caramel will dark will thicken Well come a the time when the sugar glows in this you feel here it is very important bring down temperature caramel or up here this moment directly before carene either in the first seconds Korea because if sugar and brought
  • 01:30: perezhech overexpose the dough as a result turn to bitterness unpleasant bitterness if not detain we we reach the dough not get so dark churn temperature will hot water wished to boiling water so keep it He is always at hand we can need there not just now you have to find all the decide a split second otherwise our caramel and burn here's a look seen that the shooting and then I went all add boiling water, he bring down temperature
  • 02:00: caramel and process combustion stop my dear shooting case very carefully here we have a very a big difference caramel temperature 180 degrees hot God forbid water 100 temperature difference 92 is passing ingredient a lot can splash and hands can and splash so do not face lean preferably on hands some protection perchatochki as instead of a king can be a burn center be careful add boiling water fairly quickly because we need to
  • 02:30: rapidly reduce the temperature of boiling water take a half cup of 125 grams are seeking to to us caramel He disappeared into a result we We get such very very beautiful saturated color Pour little wife deferred sugar I remind you that I just It took 250 grams of sugar Safra part I He survived, and 125 grams Water added sugar but to stir
  • 03:01: to all the sugar faded look what a beauty in a result of It turned bring to boil and remove pan or saucepan from heat 1 cool slightly then add or butter or margarine 100 grams magari oil of your choice add it to the oil to dissolve and then here We add spice tablespoon even you can with a small gorochkoy exactly what use spices
  • 03:32: this course in primarily on your decision because that we are all different kids often do not like a lot of spices therefore, it is also consider when cooking gingerbread First of all we cook for kids if we talk in general features the usual add cinnamon in mandatory and mandatory fine milled carnation in ratio of two to one apart from these their main spec add ground ground ginger allspice ground black pepper add nectar a little bit of ground coriander can add the ground
  • 04:03: cardamom, nutmeg Walnut general here much depends your tastes give their sugar mass cool but not completely around somewhere up to 70 degrees it is still hot enough and then add here with a small glass gorochkoy 130 grams wheat flour gradually add stir it to we need to make Incidentally this steps can kneading the dough mixer as batter mixer perfectly consults
  • 04:33: see as a result of get the test but leave the dough on give it to cool down a little bit warm to about 25 degrees Celsius and this flour which I will knead Wheat and gingerbread rye peeled her wheaten although you can sort get even better take flour 1 or 2 grade ratio two to one that is two pieces of wheat flour 1 of the spring and so for the flour mixture we are in a separate bowl proseem 150 grams wheat flour add about 150 grams
  • 05:03: wife peeled Add a pinch of salt half teaspoon of baking soda I took on quicklime You can take hydrated ie soda preliminary repay vinegar stir slaked soda the way it is better not to add flour and sugar weight as we need 3 chicken eggs for medium-sized kneading us need 2 to gold and one egg is entirely yolk and white rules We defer to the
  • 05:34: and then used for cooking icing sugar which will use for painting and gingerbread one egg is entirely proteins postpone rest stir fork We pour our sugar stirring the mixture and then will gradually add flour and kneading I first batter dough
  • 06:05: will just stir Pour slowly flour and 100 is a powerful mixture that prepared previously, and stir at this stage very comfortable doing it at mixer assistance kneading of course the dough is not thick it easily stirred same add flour and I stir the dough will until dough rotated spoon until it is convenient to do when a spoon dough run
  • 06:35: so that his It is uncomfortable saddle that I move on Clean look what a beautiful chocolate pastry I intervene all the dough to whom we We prepared earlier as You see it thickens it is already struggling turned spoon and then passing the working table in each cup I one hundred grams a 100 gram wheat flour another hundred grams rye flour on the table create gorochku of wheat and rye
  • 07:05: flour incidentally not necessarily been here mix the two types of flour can stop either wheat webinar his wife lay our dough here look at what but still very viscous Put the sticky the dough into a powerful mound roll in flour and its Further all the excess flour remove desktop will only podpylyayu flour as
  • 07:35: need as stickiness of the dough like only begin stick their hands in board bit add flour dough mesim from it gingerbread dough it at first sight rather simple but in fact, no such and so on a simple very cleverly deceptive behavior different here now it is the consistency of 1 after cooler it will be much denser and it should be to take into account are now go through with flour flour batter to score the after cooler it is so dense that you do not even it will be able to roll out
  • 08:05: if the roll out articles thereof gingerbread will not up push-ups but with other hand, if not get flour is the dough will be unravel when baking it will not save forms so it is very important to get correct interval from kneading the dough right consistency is must be it is quite steep must be but dense enough At the same time, it It should be soft is said to have tiriytsy dough should hang from the hands of it must be very plastic just like
  • 08:35: that's very good good for children clay in it can be not 2 stickiness but very tacky frankly it is also not sticky It should be like this result is not get a test like you can see it is sticky but at the same time called easy it must not the dough is very soft nice chat here like a good good plasticine patent I began with the Knead the dough is gone 50 40 grams of wheat grams of rye flour You want to store and Rowan since you can leave
  • 09:05: plus or minus dough ball rolls down then I put it in bowl right and I am going to refrigerator for a day and can be rolled out and in oven Roe if in a hurry This dough can just chill say put refrigerator hours three or four and can be Knead a dough ahead of time it is stored in refrigerator accepted considered that 3-4 weeks but in my opinion much longer only in this case the dough Wrap also polyethylene bag because it
  • 09:35: when stored dry atari test we roll cut from it kazual their oven ask about this Another time to come and see that a result of and I got still you give thanks wish you all very good