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  • 00:00: [music] Hello we are now prepare chocolate banana cake prepare cakes but round shape diameter 15 centimeters slightly grease cream butter and lay parchment paper pour 60 2 milliliters of water with half table tablespoons cocoa mix well Cacau to fully He disappeared into a medium bowl, 2 connect the yolk 50 grams of sugar 30 milliliters sunflower oil and Cocoa that we
  • 00:30: prepared whisk at high speed mixer for approximately one here the minute We sift 65 grams flour 1 4 teaspoons soda + 1 4 teaspoons baking powder whisk or slow speed mixer mix uniformly about 30 seconds Now another clean bowl, combine 2 protein and a pinch of salt start beating on slow speed mixer until light fluffy foam then increase
  • 01:00: speed up maximum and gradually enter 30 grams of sugar continue whisking whites until stiff peak is now add whipped proteins in the dough approximately one and the third part carefully mix spatula fill prepared form dough and gently align surface put in previously Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and bake about 20-25 minutes or
  • 01:31: while inserted in Toothpick is not the center will dry gat from the oven and give Korzh fully cool and only then removed from the mold when the biscuit totally cool cut off the top then divide the cake to equal from 3 Korjikoff Lower remove cake greaseproof paper [music] prepare the cream heat up
  • 02:01: microwave 40 milliliters of fat cream that they were very then hot they pour 80 grams crushed dark chocolate give a moment to stand up and mix up uniformity add 1 teaspoon a spoonful of vanilla extract again mix well and We give to cool completely Now the average bowl pour 250 milliliters of fat cream and add one tablespoon icing sugar start beating on slow speed
  • 02:31: mixer gradually increasing it to maximum whisk cream until stiff peaks then small often added chilled chocolate weight and every time mix well spatula prepare bananas We clean them and cut all in half lengthwise we need about the same time, 8 pieces a small banana or 3-4 large If bananas are very the large cut they are not half as well on
  • 03:02: quarters Now assemble the cake shift the cream pastry bag Apply the cream on the cake 1 and its uniform distribute step back a little from spread on the edge the entire surface banana halves then cover them cream top layer neatly put
  • 03:32: second cake just cover it cream layer then Put the bananas and again the cream to Pine she put more and the cake turned out can even tastier put them under angle at the time fill the space between them to the cream nebylo empty gaps [music] top placing last cake and We cover the entire cake a thin layer of cream We put in the refrigerator for one hour to cream
  • 04:03: stiffened and then pull out and We cover the cake more thick layer of cream put back into Refrigerate for 3-4 hours prepare ganache 100 grams crushed dark chocolate add one tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon condensed milk and 50 milliliters of fat cream drown microwave Only every 30 seconds and pull out mix then give a ganache
  • 04:33: cool to room temperature dark chocolate in this recipe everywhere used 50 interest You can not post then condensed milk ganache It will be more liquid gat cake fridge pour it on ganache evenly it is distributed over the entire surface to the top and sides were they are completely covered put the refrigerator a few more watch now cut off a piece and try chocolate
  • 05:03: cakes in combination with delicate chocolate cream and bananas is Cake turned out something insanely delicious thanks that watched video Like and put subscribe to and a write channel comments interesting ideas following video