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  • 00:00: Today I want to show you how home tie slippers with a wide spout such slippers it will have to Size 36 37 stuck right in acrylic 100 grams of 1600 meters eight additions 8
  • 00:31: nitochek the spoke 2 and a half millimeter we need handles well and needle start to sew then recruit black thread sixty six loops and knit here on this scheme sixty six loops with
  • 01:03: edge first two a number as seen from the scheme knit facial loops We begin to knit third row 1 bead we have 1 facial sc 30 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
  • 01:42: 25 26 27 28 29 30 2 nakida facial sc 30 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 25 30 4
  • 02:15: Twenty-five-six seven 28 29 30 1 sc The front and the last an edge wrong overturn knitting all loops facial written
  • 02:48: as a means to distribute we were binding sc for take back stenochku and for provyazyvaem back stenochku I'll take an hour to It was seen again sc Now take back stenochku and provyazyvaem front
  • 03:18: in order to avoid we have holes on front to sc knit facial here to dovyazali
  • 03:59: nakida again for back stenochku We pick up the thread 2 facial provyazyvaem sc back again for stenochku and provyazyvaem the rear stenochku provyazyvayu and so knit ten rows of
  • 04:30: scheme we knit 10 series in the scheme and Now knit 1 row black thread facial loops and next row knit turquoise thread purl loops black facial loop turquoise wrong loop
  • 05:01: 17 we knit series black and a number of backing turquoise Now black cut off and start Knit pattern color 2 tweet us on spokes 82 for this loop pattern must be even number loop we just varieties and there are so We start the first row
  • 05:33: Black nicks first provyazyvaem front fasten thread Now 1 facial 1 Remove the thread for the 1 work face 1 Discontinued thread work and so alternate shot to the front
  • 06:04: end of the row of black thread second row knit black thread psy loops facial the first loop edge remove all loops are we facial third row knit
  • 06:36: turquoise thread the first loop enshrines one remove the thread by 1 front loop remove the thread by 1 front loop remove the thread eyelet 1 loop for the front
  • 07:06: thread for the loop 1 remove facial 1 remove facial 1 front and so on until the end a number of turquoise I see the first thread knit the fourth row turquoise thread all the loops facial First remove all loops provyazyvaem
  • 07:38: facial and so on until the end of the series we Knit 4 rows This figure rapport pattern with fifth row pattern is repeated a number of 5 it is necessary to knit as 1 us it is necessary to knit these 4 report that is 16 knit 16 rows, we
  • 08:09: series bicolor pattern Now knit tweet black thread two rows facial loops Now knit on juicy part for this section all of our tabs here this scheme and note markers 18 and 18, on the other hand Now we will knit
  • 08:40: Now this part central bootleg knit will not yet So we celebrated markers and now knit turquoise thread knit turquoise thread
  • 09:12: to point 1 shot 1 1 facial shot 1 front eyelets 35 so we continue to knit like pattern so one shot 1 obverse 1 shot 1 front Opening the front remove the front shot
  • 09:53: toss marker he still needs us so facial shot front shot front shot front shot front Now to this point we running from the marker 17 more eyelets
  • 10:24: so the pins 689 Discontinued front shot front shot front remove the front so We think of the marker must be 17 loops 33 10 317 then knit pattern in
  • 11:00: coal 1 front 1 Wrong knit 11 stitches front Wrong front so note where we knit right and wrong Wrong face Wrong face Wrong face
  • 11:34: Wrong May 11 or we need to knit March 3 there are front and Twelve loop and loop to the side side provyazyvaem 2 together purl on the front side provyazyvaem two together inside out unfold
  • 12:04: knitting a lift and on drawing us here Wrong here front Wrong front Wrong front Wrong front Wrong front Wrong
  • 12:36: what we knit 333 kind of ten-twelve last loop remove the marker last loop provyazyvaem two together with the face with a loop to the side sides
  • 13:06: unfold knitting now we visible knit and where here will be the last loop knit with side together on obverse they provyazyvayutsya 2 together purl and on the underside party provyazyvayutsya 2 knit together facial further unfold crochet and knit
  • 13:37: a third row of the third row of drawing on purl loops knit face on facial knit purl here We should purl then knit the front the first loop was removed knit next drawing Wrong here here face wrong here alternate in one
  • 14:08: personal number of facial and purl and the following personal row purl and facial front Wrong front Wrong front and Wrong last loop Here is our last loop we
  • 14:38: 2 together provyazyvaem wrong with loop with the side sides 2 along the side portion seamy unfold knitting first remove knit here a drawing as a lie loop over facial face on seamy purl since the last
  • 15:27: Collar remain and 2 together provyazyvaem front with a loop a side portion unfold knitting So remove one loop here over facial knit purl over
  • 15:59: Wrong face last loop
  • 16:31: provyazyvaem front and We stayed loop and its provyazyvaem together with a loop with side of the 2 together purl and so wrong Further we have here nose is formed etc. It means on the front side two together provyazyvaem wrong on 2 the underside of the together provyazyvaem front 2 together
  • 17:02: front and so knit until you close all eyelets to marker here we there was one Collar to a marker on the wrong side provyazyvaem two along the front Choose a marker and dovyazyvaem number to end facial
  • 17:32: then we will knit black thread 10 rows in garter viscous that is all loops and facial doctor take knitting
  • 18:07: black thread and knit 10 series then close tabs around and sew on seamy side here and here slippers ready means we knit Garter 10 she closed ranks
  • 18:40: here and there a turned slippers unstretched the state of its size 20 meters is 37 to 36 the size everything on this video over all good luck