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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends and visit my channel Today I want to show you that lies in my freezer one freezer the camera's on this indesit freezing frost know I have already shown in Last year, that I namorozila this year we are with you look for more easy I review I pulled out the bottom drawer top middle drawer I is very
  • 00:31: many frozen greenery namely those who froze not go to me it is remembered and know but of course dill as a winter forest dill dill me lot two piles Now such bandolier me I freeze cilantro and parsley that is, I have frozen different ways it is very convenient in Depending on in
  • 01:03: what dish you will it's the add two bags we are newly this frozen herbs for the winter salad Incidentally written set on that assorted salad here's parsley dill these bandolier them from me parsley Besides a little residues home cherries and apricots frozen herbs
  • 01:37: molds for the effects of this for broth for soups for broth three bags after another greens I It located in another boxes which stands bottom here and signed kenzo just as I call This very bandolier very convenient to save a place more more a
  • 02:07: Box is a man on green mint soup in winter Tea and Smoothies also acute green and red pepper without it, too, here is a difficult the volume is only greens, I think this enough though the country and many more Now, in the same vertical
  • 02:39: freezer I have kept all jam frozen I have these bags showed where their buy and how it make it the juice of sultana grapes juice is very useful for the brain and even when vitamin deficiency and children to adults in I have it here almost 8 liters slightly frozen cranberries
  • 03:10: also in the same bags of frozen black currant tangled without sugar to save space and strawberry three packages I froze strawberries But in these forms out of cupcakes is also very convenient to I to freeze Winter without Smoothies throw in sugar blender add banana water and whisk
  • 03:40: it is very tasty menu when bags are now let's see what it is worth me up cozy freezer camera course Strawberry frozen berries of strawberry puree without sugar large floor liter containers and small 250 grams This is all without sugar
  • 04:10: All winter smoothies further that blueberries we were frozen with you to keep our seeing it, too frozen without any sugar small and large necessarily signed because as I have said frozen area looks one person, and not understand where that currants likewise frozen without sugar
  • 04:41: in small and large cups very sugar can be conveniently always add on as needed but how it It saves space The following shelf is raspberries with sugar raspberries with sugar and I making the proportion of 30 percent of diabetes sand and 70 percent berries on it for Morse case of angina and colds and winter
  • 05:12: months or just I eat here I am talking about these plastic glasses look they are well worth exactly exactly two a number of space-saving 3 is bad and raspberries currant sugar half of this raspberry to go deeper into the till the wall itself and half is black currant
  • 05:43: it is very very comfortable in general, I think vitamins we stocked up lacks look for yourself he in the group but we We are not going Now, let's see what It lies in my new freezer Laurel I bought just 1 month treasure ago capacity 200 liters he has one drawback at She does not know the system Frost but it is, in principle,
  • 06:14: There are no a chest freezer what is my here let us now bit remove top to be able review course it is not all as the even the end of August September will be even but I show you I consider it necessary can already be someone also wants do the same freezing but will too late, and so that's eggplant with such
  • 06:46: you froze I I show that I I freeze and slices and whole this cucumbers a lot of them, I immediately take away aside to there eggplants drive freezer chest to get something you need something to clean top here so they look in frozen, we you let them in, and squeezed excess
  • 07:16: liquid and is frozen eggplant for stuffing here I a huge range on In fact they are 14 kilograms here hence to the gender fat stack further goes red sweet pepper chopped straws so doing it is very very convenient refueling for soup I cut rings straws look winter beauty to fill any
  • 07:47: pepper dish here a green and Color it in your frozen, too place to all who are interested please go to my playlist it is called pantry skillful hostess there Various freezing and pickles and jam I think many of you anything for you be sure to choose ice cream tomato
  • 08:17: They look like this thus the same most stop on to the floor is it seems that here 10 kilograms and more when added they will remain so the autumn look tomatoes I freeze I recommend to all all this is a very 7 indispensable dish you know how much standing in tomato store and tomatoes their taste any calls they have absolutely no I I take for that
  • 08:48: plum and finger tomatoes because they are more fleshy in their little moisture and just cut into rings of half a centimeter and that's this form I freeze them schochkah where you do not go of provisions and will come and additive in gravy you can just pour eggs is what we, too, very much like taking vegetables lightly with barred from Moscow pour eggs greenery well, very tasty
  • 09:18: Of course as the same color cucumbers until cucumbers were young of fine sandpaper I also be frozen and frozen see a lot a number to the sex is probably kilograms and you cucumbers same very I love their soups euro dream books and put out Korean Chris One woman I He wrote obscene expression I namorozila some
  • 09:48: freak on the fan on taste in color companion No one likes it someone potion at all not love and someone eating meat is very a lot so we all different peppers in addition to such blanks beautiful rings I still freezes cups I have also showing it for stuffing on winter Now that it's here cherry mortar to
  • 10:18: the floor is what we have We removed our beets I've got a home bright missing here such strips of the spirals ayzere it is for the soup and more a stack missing here such cubes certainly tell why do it but since I learned a summer residence grow and store it and not where I do not have basement no cellar so I immediately her
  • 10:49: Burke cubes such cubes enough for five minutes to put microwave and winter here's a ready-made a dish that can be make of garlic and fill with soup or use vinaigrette charge I will do carrots strips and cubes until it's done here the whole stack Cauliflower is very Look, someone has
  • 11:19: if let me They wrote that it is necessary necessarily but I blanch I always do and I enjoy because how to freeze it the same when blanching kale thaws she was such a Upholstered sure of course We do the same stew casseroles all the rest here at
  • 11:49: I have some place here still go long beans beans carrot pumpkin spellbound and squash that we We do not have time to eat I too rarely here, and it all goes in the winter and wherein steps into cheers never anything are very I advise you to freeze Travel but if you try skin has a density
  • 12:20: the skins need clean is such a freezer subscribe to my leave your channel comments before new appointments