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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: relief embroidery gold Here's schemes for this embroidery is The same fly in but at a high crafty to your embroidery it was nice, I took Felt 4 millimeters and Cut and leaves petals for your Flower show me social one as well
  • 00:30: report how embroider I start point is fixed on the left of the ordinary knot tails and Then they came and stepping back from the edge I start to embroider when crepes middle pattern at the very made strong the needle should be fiddle and precisely side and at crepes made at an angle such embroidery used on footwear
  • 01:00: and on the bags can also be on top of the clothes on middle of nowhere on the jeans such appliqué used well course in ecclesiastical embroidery for when I am stronger used traditional cotton thread not finished embroidering Area I tuck
  • 01:30: crop the then this label You can be clad on contour drawing well, again we fix thread and continue first embroider policies together and there where they diverge I turn on one species. after I vyshyu up end I come back to this place, or at I do not have embroidery and Again as I She began her embroidery and fixing thread
  • 02:01: I continue my mistake on shoes and bags application attached using hot glue uses conventional hot gun well, things are possible appliques sew
  • 02:31: strings need to manually select the color fabric where you will sew and very small sew stitches this application and I I want to again recall that internal when crepes are made within of drawing the needle shall be driven rovnenko
  • 03:01: but a side with strong on the sides leaves introduced under angle because the felt wide and to formed a circle clip inhabited by a needle angle here I am now I embroider leaf 2 know how This is the place where they I will diverge the same type of foam on one
  • 03:32: leaflet can not learn be sure to gold thread very it looks nice embroidery and conventional business pick up only for strings with crepe tone and also try can embroider and threads for visas or artificial gold for those who will be
  • 04:08: learn from and rice or artificial the zoologists necessarily need take two strings for embroidery and carefully follow that they have do not twist We put two strings however rovnenko friend is not on each other well, embroidery thick thread or cord nicknames for knitting under which e.g. silk
  • 04:39: enough to take sick thread So I finished embroider inside piece of paper and turn only when crepes on sides and that's to hide felt literally to do such two with crepe that's what you I felt your were not visible by this video I
  • 05:11: I write a reference to enter and I have there children many albums simple schemes and can not be sure to embroider a flower, he can seem to someone is very difficult I take a picture It showed at the beginning of videos like this figure should look and train learn from these simple schemes now I I start a covering
  • 05:43: petals This embroidery is very quickly sewn nice and simple really looks like cut it I showed appliqué my last video Japanese embroidery