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Interesting elastic band spokes

Interesting elastic band spokes  See details »



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  • 00:00: all master at Believe me, I want to Now imagine this very interesting rezinochku rezinochka This one-sided and front side and here its wrong side rezinochka performed alternation to such baptized loops which form Zigzag and ordinary gum and day so for the money knitting a gum choose a number loops multiply 5 + 4 hinges for symmetry +2 edge loop bureaucracy only two a number of knit the first row on the front side and
  • 00:32: an edge loop shoot forth start writing the pattern is one report but the night of the loop the next 2 sts us You have to cross tilt to the left to of the first loop skip like before the second job provyazyvaem front loop for the front stenochku here knit and now provyazyvaem front loop for the front stenochku missed eyelet those two hinges on the left spokes got
  • 01:02: switching from further inclination of the left knit 1 Wrong and her face is rapport pattern repeat 1 Wrong we need cross with a loop tilt leftward 1 skip second provyazyvaem front the front stenochku then provyazyvaem the front face stenochku missed the top five remove loops from 2 then left spokes 1 Wrong, 1 front I repeat rapport 1
  • 01:34: seamy loop skip the next knit front loop knit front missed loop to remove it from the hinges left spokes knit 1 Wrong 1 front and thus do not I shall come last My rapport latest report 1 seamy that is, we switch it turns out it's the same the symmetry of the loop there is one loop is not take out 1 Wrong and their place
  • 02:05: we already have a bead ie loop last rapport and lacks one front loop so to get to symmetry, it was first row from the front hand work wrong turn side of the second row in us from the wrong side shoot an edge loop Beginners knitting repeat the following 1 loop manner provyazyvaem front further one loop Ignore these provyazyvaem Now purl provyazyvaem wrong here this
  • 02:35: missed a loop how we 2 loops rebaptized remove from the left spokes give them one obverse 1 Wrong is rapport pattern repeat 1 front skip the loop a second loop provyazyvaem seamy loop then provyazyvaem seamy loop missed a loop remove loops from 2 left spokes 1 front 1 Wrong 2 rapport alone again front loop
  • 03:05: skip second provyazyvaem seamy loop provyazyvaem seamy missed a loop lift, front spokes 1 Knit 1 Wrong thereby to the last repeat let Zalina loops symmetry of knit as one front in the first loop skip second provyazyvaem seamy loop provyazyvaem wrong here this then the first loop 1 front finish
  • 03:36: edge loop provyazyvaem seamy loop and it was the second series pattern for further pattern repeat 1 to 2 ranks we get beautiful with very rezinochku zigzag elements thank you very much to you had a school Our knitting yarn