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As well as what to grease locks and mechanisms of a car.  See details »

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  • 00:00: and so the grease lock means I show here I buy silicone lubricant in the cartridge sold equal different sizes it small sticks just chop Here we take the castle Foam in all cavities eat from all sides thin bottom can not live well, and plenty
  • 00:31: at a time it is not necessary that the inside unsorted here mechanism may It will work well so here, too, all I'll take it here at all at all
  • 01:02: mobile sites and once the door is closed closes the opening repeatedly again able control does not say
  • 01:36: so much so inside the tank something is wrong in the Dikul Well it worked well as you act add clamps thing
  • 02:11: sure they won their locks and I do not live when not long lubricated and much more then erase works grease sure everything again close open Those guys do not just
  • 02:48: consultant lining dressed it stands The heavy door and 2 is better to dig let's just not thought the same here we There are 2 videos there dirty the way to silicon lubrication when not sticks poverty accumulates sand and
  • 03:20: different takes abrasiveness ugly mug suffering and so life and mean everything here the way he penetrates
  • 03:56: well he all cavities mechanisms somewhere flows rubbed so close blood 10 can also cause here antiquities here
  • 04:34: OK and so if you are with each wear without exceptions talk.