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Knitting by a hook. For those who do not know :) - record of the user Marin in the community Knitting a hook in the category Knitting a hook for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: double column for the back wall here this unusual element I came across one schemes became interested what is it for designation seemed that this dual Buffet How did he fit I took a sample here which have already been I shall join here not. I'll show you how such tally bars, the bars
  • 00:30: tally for the back wall we enter the first column for the back stenochku gat thread here I am in second column also and pull out the thread Now all three of these loop knit with the following column We start to knit here stop loop where already a thread fetched that is, enter in this column next in
  • 01:03: result, we number of columns is equal here loops that have a sample if we fetched each time from the new it would be half as much and so here is knit to the end then pull thread and 100, and a table and out of the loop where already getting out of the new 2 loops together from
  • 01:33: getting out of the new Loop 3 together now Yes I see this series on channels as It looks closer at what is the charm of this column here I dovyazala number to the end you ask and what is the beauty's this dual column like it in bars and bars but most beauty It turns on the wrong side
  • 02:03: a look that is at wrong side turns Here is such a stud relief namely on the wrong side of by the fact that we knitted for the back wall loops can be knit these columns captures aug a2 dokruchu as usual then and then two walls will not be here this relief for
  • 02:33: wrong side but will be here this here in general is more interesting get the edge It is certainly not then here is this here pigtails then there are bars precisely as binding you need to knit in Wrong number to you beauty He turned his face to the Generally something interesting So he plump
  • 03:04: such an edge is obtained thicker than usual here web can used to edge trim in the most generally such unpretentious rail succeed subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new Lessons I still have a lot of interesting ideas we with you in front of many unsorted patterns various visual and tricks and good luck to you light loops