Galina Fomkina(Oleferenko)

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Tasty hash browns, kartofelno meat.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello I wanted to potatoes on local I do not know what to call Granicus that the shorter all that is taken and on will pan You want to fry I look brushed potatoes purified form six hundred and twenty grams of the products too, I am taking over for his the number of how many is such a need bulbs It took 1 finely sliced 200 grams of chicken
  • 00:30: minced meat and spice any seasoning salt pepper to your notice I rub on potatoes coarse grater potatoes on warm gently squeeze the juice I threw an egg Now salt to taste Labor wolf in general, all What am I here I discharged without seasoning bespeco meat is then add black pepper taste I have frozen number
  • 01:01: Now a little dill well as many a wee bit frozen green peas complexity and even potato starch instead of flour put somewhere tablespoon 2 put on potatoes Rahman gives softness pomp product infections like instead add flour I try to mix on salt-pepper just do not push to potatoes and I gave a lot more here
  • 01:31: I add a tablespoon a spoonful of sour cream and mix I have roasted heated pan spread and they are not much I crush them to It was magnificent all equal par fried so little distribute fry on both Parties in the middle fire I fry my spirit direct such a good
  • 02:02: ruddy love roasted to blood We ate here on both sides it's it's already see Juice principle current there is simply his so with stirring already I do not wring nothing I do not hide that's all That's how to fry 0 the other hand We get even Lebanon the last three tricks I want to say sunflower oil I add not
  • 02:32: much much if she I then ends but adding some somewhere here so many, even when the pan they are about to complete as it would in the oil and swam the same time in oil were a bit and over moderate heat when heat entirely within all and roasted meat potatoes and you're ready and and then I, too, asked questions somehow made pancakes potato inside not roasted I lived all great well roasted somewhere from 3-4 minutes one side then also 34 other
  • 03:02: the parties do not have to including heavy fire to immediately a crust Enough quickly here so it is not necessary really will fire l inside when moderately slow they Ujar fried All quietly nutripro roasted body ready to get here such a large plate I have a few pieces ate well, because delicious to me like a dish I will now razlomlyu in some plump something to see how
  • 03:32: inside the whip let this is what's the difference here So look all white meat fried Potatoes she too raw potatoes absolutely have both distance nicks here and so It looks with sour cream I love these pancakes can cream add dill greenery if possible roast here such here caches I do not know what to call want more than meat potatoes less I
  • 04:02: I think here you can even canned corn add about you can still It is very tasty like this bye bye to new meetings