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  • 00:00: Hello this video a series of jewelry their own hands Today I'll show you how to make a simple but very beautiful and unusual bracelet collect all the items in one piece is not difficult but the highlight of this his band unusual and very beautiful porous balls that we you will do now themselves for the manufacture of balls us need
  • 00:30: polymer clay white from not eating both from normal plasticine do balls as possible of the same diameter on us It needs sah need obkatat made contact balls in sugar so to crystals made the clay this is not difficult as the sugar itself sticks and wedges easily pressed into his soft surface personally I prefer and do it faster so I poured a little sugar palm and
  • 01:01: rotating ball dent movements here is a ball should turn on This phase grains sugar dents a surface layer the ball and the ball when This remains smooth and smooth and so way to run in sugar all our balloons on us You need to make
  • 01:31: hole in the beads how to bead jewelry you can take a needle or carnations as you want importantly came to the diameter I take a thin carnations for jewelry light touch pierce our sugar spheres better hold beads that they do not distorted Now we will
  • 02:26: cook beads is We need to they hardened after the water boiled doing small fire and omit to our beads to complete hardening polymer clay , only one minutes and most Interesting that it sugar melts in boiling water and flows of beads making them while porous beads simmer prepare napkin and towel This is necessary in order to make a bead after boiling
  • 02:56: if they do not cover the they will soar steam and hot and It makes them dull we do not need so we will lay a towel after a couple minutes beads totally cool and that's what a beauty in we turned Now collect
  • 03:41: a bracelet here already include heart's imagination anything I combine with beads metal inserts all strung on silicone thread Bracelet ready Thanks
  • 05:19: for your attention and hope Did you like this Master Class porous beads and you try to do the same yourself