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Cookies gingerbreads with tremendous taste! Soft and fragrant, even in a week.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you anastasiya channel and Currently all tastes which today fragrant delicious gingerbread such great cakes stored dry not lose their palatability so that they can cook many to be mixed He fears a pinch of salt and a glass of honey Although honey is do this gingerbread we can do it in moderation sweet to a budget options Can part of honey sugar substitute after
  • 00:30: mixed add spices all January 4 teaspoon here I have ginger and cinnamon here also pour half teaspoon of baking soda and then stir in single cup mix 60 grams butter or margarine which we got from flour refrigerator in an amount of 400 grams Misha us so lightly in to large crumbs then add honey print mass to confound us
  • 01:00: should have sticky and uniform the dough now has You need to add Another 150 200 grams flour parts and knead the dough on the table remember that at one kneading flour dough will stick again because here found honey so our goal Knead a soft no, flour and slightly sticky dough I have today It took another 150 grams of flour
  • 01:30: in general, for gingerbread it took 550 grams the dough is ready for field flour and form a the wiring length of about fifty-four centimeters and roll out width about 12 12 centimeters eventually we obtained rectangle thickness of about six eight millimeters and size 12 to 54 Now divide by gingerbread 6 centimeters neatly cut dough in principle
  • 02:00: the shape of the carrot you you can give absolutely any the main thing that preserved thickness corners stick slightly We round off put them on baking baker Magay lubricates top with beaten egg or just yolk and with Use a fork to make figure drawing apart you can even make inscription in the general randomly on your fantasy where will egg cake It will be rosy and where drawing paler
  • 02:31: send it in the oven preheated to 210 220 degrees for 15 minutes once we will blush We get both the top seen gingerbread up very fragrant and delicious, Besides stores much trial and you also received on everything today thanks for the Huskies and good comments to new video yet [music]