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  • 00:00: multicolored pattern lush columns Here is a diagram of a pattern bake diagram Saitama and what in fact and rapport pattern is 8 loops i I will show you 2 reports for this I won chain air 16 Now I do 2 loops aerial loops and 16th loop knit column 5 air without nakida loops 45 at the initial
  • 00:33: chain also skipping loops 5 February 1 3 4 5 6 column without sc air a loop skip one loop column, without sc 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 also here skipping loops 5 February 1 3 4 5 6 column without sc in last
  • 01:04: loop chain here so also knit a column without sc but it only on the edge it is as if we have such a preparatory series We now obtain do 3 aircraft loop and the last column, without sc knit with 4 column one nakida January 2 3 and 4
  • 01:34: air loop and Now knit veerochek of 9 columns with one nakida here on this air hinges that we have between two columns without nakida we here It will complete veerochek of 9 columns with one nakida April 3 sing
  • 02:07: 6 7 89 air loop and the edge of the fabric under the lifting loops knit 5 columns with one sc ie mate Vera veerochek we have 9 columns
  • 02:37: half will be from 5 that is, one column for symmetry, we add 4 Now here are two sing series we tied one color you can color change but I yet I show all one color and then show options as possible change the color of the four aerial loops and
  • 03:08: Now we were binding But in the lush bar start a chain Now here we missed 5 loops central, we were binding lush bar in this point I pull thread three times themselves understand that the lush column may be any and now I no longer love lush bars for crepe that is,
  • 03:39: provyazyvayu all loops Now in addition to that which is hook and then do Fix the air loop at the same point knit another magnificent column also will gain a foothold ie knit all loops that have except that here you I was done 5 air fasten loops 4, because here we have
  • 04:09: It was such a checkmark from the lush columns and now and so this as are the two magnificent column through Air loop knit the next in Central five loops primary chain three times pulling pulling thread Secure the battle
  • 04:41: air loop and more a magnificent bar from the same point chain is not the initial very comfortable on it will be easier in the end series we will have three aerial loops and column, without sc But under the lifting loop previous row until it turns
  • 05:14: now we will knit 2 air Vyerotchka loop drawing us into staggered makes the first pens of 9 columns with one sc and will knit here on this air hinges that between the lush columns 9 columns of knit with one nakida 2 3 4 after all
  • 05:48: 6 7 819 We make the air loop ie here in veerochki We line up staggered next veerochek also 9 columns with one knit sc here between the lush columns on the air loop 2 3
  • 06:24: 4 after all 6 net 8 and 9, and since then have We're doing a number of end air loop column, without sc But under the lifting loop turn here we have
  • 06:55: I get something turned out clear and Here lush bars are we going knit in staggered the there are on the edges of our There will be one lush the pillar make four aerial loops and the first column of a lush Here we were binding on last column with ie one sc
  • 07:26: Now we've got Vera's half here we were binding magnificent column also do a foothold 5 stitches and 2 next lush column, we will knit here in Center central column one sc this is now Vera find from
  • 07:56: the central pillar and Valve's at this point knit lush 2 column through air loop a magnificent bar Overhead loop and 2 lush bar in this the same point anchoring 5 stitches and
  • 08:28: end of the row knit lush column here a lifting loop which are also generally it can be assumed the first column with sc air loop and here Now the edge column one nakida we need tie here on these
  • 08:58: here the lifting loops there is not much convenient to make necessary this is our magnificent column through it like here to reach these petelechki otherwise we will not work gently out of the corner for them and pulled this point will bind column one sc's this Thus, we would like
  • 09:31: recorded by lush column to he did not pull away from the edge Well, then, in general, already is all the easier we We reiterate our second series here we will be half Vyerotchka 3 aerial loop 4 and column one nakida here on this air hinges that end we series 2 four air
  • 10:05: loop is already here full faith we snip will be here at this point ie repeat here we were binding 9 columns with 1 sc 3 4 5
  • 10:38: 6 all 8 and 9 brakes the loop and the last half Vera knit in at hinged boom has five columns will be 1 3
  • 11:09: 4 and sing, and now we reiterate our third row that is there where we knit Here's the it will be doubled two magnificent column and also we will knit Here at the center Turn right at central columns
  • 11:40: of these 9 in general, that can be considered but good evident if you doubt count that under the 4 column 5 and then he more in general, all I have already repeated will show you how you can change colors in this pattern we as a ton, he does not look so spectacularly let see what has
  • 12:10: color options here is one of the options here every two rows tally different color that is, the first two I have a number of turquoise 1 2 3 4 pink on June 5 July 8 and colors can be change that is here you can leave basic color and change here so here and that's a way to change in this way
  • 12:41: then it turns out that's Such are the interesting strips uzorchik it turns the volume due to the fact that this a lush bars soft and cozy here Another option is to Now you can do such a sharp little pattern here I 5 colors, and every two I see a number of new the color of the pattern double-sided practically
  • 13:15: It looks identical with both sides every 2 rows here I see a different color and as you can see in the any quantity colors used you can take two colors three four five and more than that is create here the necessary you risunochek here such here ki variant has you choose a
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