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Snud-sharf in two turns a hook, the announcement of a master class  See details »

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  • 00:00: today I want to boast their new honey She invented herself I saw this pattern I liked and immediately came up with 100's it would be nice We look feet just fall cool these little things have Need gone one skein yarn of 500 meters to 100 gram and that's one
  • 00:32: motochek yarn is very very nicely came to these models is very such beautiful muted colors I really like here's color good transmitted truth shine a little tangle anyway masterclass surcharge link will be under video or just
  • 01:02: must go masters Yarn alize angora gold simli Dad design is beautiful this is very coloring I like to lurex such unobtrusive shine 500 meters per 100 grams here 10 percent wool 10 75 Maher acrylic and 5 but this
  • 01:33: metallica lyupsa I want to share with you another exciting information store The Book of Masters announced 3 sale Morocco still points Trinity's factories you see now Lama and contex I'll give links for video and at the order if you
  • 02:03: You decide to buy it use code which will also under the roller will five per cent discount store expands range and VKontakte hostess ask the store what you will wishes for range which yarn would like to see so you can write in the recall or
  • 02:34: online or by video Well as of today and all until we meet again