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How to process the closed type-setting edge a hollow cord, processing of a mouth by means of i-cord  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this video I want to show your way of handling closed at the edge means of a hollow cord Now I want to show on then the finished product my sweater here in this way processed neck Now we see how it looks from the front hand over the wrong and that's how
  • 00:30: Now the junction sunlight accurately enough the second has the product now I have to work Children's tunic here I handled down at assistance to the floor and cable here so a person looks and like this from the wrong the parties to this very neat and well want note that this
  • 01:00: better way to suitable course for thinner yarn Here's an example here looks very very carefully like for colon yarn cane is all still thicken the edge and to show you this way i prepared here such sample it looks like the future blouse so I do not start to knit things and raglan top Of course you thrush in
  • 01:31: this is just a sample to show well, we need you let this sample and to you, our ready semi-finished item and 2 straight arm I is the spice of small naborchiki CSU bamboo shirts size of needles 3 half well, you You will need to pick up Now its spokes then your product yarn and so we need
  • 02:02: It will also be a thread for Processing this is now the edges available to recruit one needle 2 sts, I I dial the following here's a way I put on the tip of the thread then I am looking for some finger spoke like this movement gained one loop
  • 02:33: because I always gain that was not here 1 is a hinge assembly then select the second loop and the third we scored 3 by a hinge noor then take our turn the product him and the front party ie processing we will be with the person grab our
  • 03:03: worker thread jumped on finger as it is convenient and then I do not move anywhere loop holding the needle and right hand recruit from here the loop here we left our loop hence the need to to have a needle dial fourth loop we
  • 03:33: Get on the spokes 4 then you need to loop move spoke to the loop moved to its right edge We move Spices take the left hand second and begin to knit help received this case is knitted in the following way 2 the first hinge face we provyazyvaem facial facial 1 front hinge loop 2
  • 04:06: the same facial The following two loops provyazyvaem two setting the stage with needle Now in this way inward and grip quietly in working thread get a third loop further We need to go anywhere again not moving to do another loop
  • 04:37: for this quarter again here in this hole threaded needle and We pull another peak shifts again knit similarly first hinge 2 provyazyvaem facial for the right wall for the rights I or
  • 05:07: front as they say and the next two loops last knit on the back I turn left wall like this way again We received three loops gets fourth this loop from here here hole score fourth and move Here are repeating
  • 05:38: we need action knit to the end a number of first 2 sts knit facial the last two loops 2 together in the same front gets fourth loop shift spokes knit thus
  • 06:10: the whole series here I dovyazala number to the end I worked there neck in such a she was very steep face on the reverse side left on needle 3 Loop also May 3rd we We started to set
  • 06:40: polumuzh noor We need to close these three loop connecting them with composing three loops close I will be using suture loop in the loop for that here we are cut thread tip left the tip of the measure necessary quantity we put in a small needle and connect three loops on the spokes of the three
  • 07:12: hinges on typesetting hollow cord edge join this you need a way to needle to each loop twice first bottom upwards ie like this manner then top to bottom here thus each loop and and the lower edge
  • 07:42: top because we are running out thread from here to the top edge of the accordingly it is necessary first fix lower edge start vdevaem bottom needle up in the very third loop about the case then I'll take off for ease of understanding
  • 08:16: where the top and bottom of the us you need to like this same way they information means here here we have up to this loop in the lower We have introduced a number of game needle bottom-up here can be seen that the thread It comes from the bottom up Now you need to enter also from bottom to top loop of the upper row entered then enter the bottom
  • 08:55: in the bottom row in the first loop from top to bottom, this loop and immediately withdraw the bottom up in the second loop then the upper row in on top of the first loop down and bring the bottom upwardly thus
  • 09:29: we first loop then you need to have fixed enter a second loop from top to bottom and derive from the bottom up in a third loop
  • 10:00: Now insert the needle into the loop of the upper row below the top on there is now a top-down and immediately deduce the third loop from the bottom up forget the third loop
  • 10:37: top down and a third loop also from top to bottom like this for secured but if my explanation clear enough You can see Again on the Internet connection method
  • 11:08: to loop the loop It is all very clear and I I try itself make a movie there really nothing complicated and here in this way looks processed neck with the help of floor and vegetable We were tying it on closed typesetting edge if you have what questions padding between them comments and Thank you for attention successful
  • 11:39: knitting