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Home-made bread CIABATTA - the supereasy recipe!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone but glad see you on your today his kitchen Suggested recipes very tasty Italian bread ciabatta recipe it pleased survey make it but it is easy to get a very try delicious to cook with me that bread is not like the which is especially tinker with it is not necessary but result
  • 00:31: surpasses all waiting to I turned on bread all the rules simply not depart from this recipe I'm going to make bread at half portions of the is inside the button and I will give you the original recipe for the recipe you need 860 gram flour sifted 660 grams of water needed even 700 grams take because all the flour different someone may
  • 01:01: required 700 gram 2 teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon yeast you just need to connect all ingredients you pour salt yeast with flour stir and pour even here can be water cold because the dough should be to stand not less than 8 hours To get a very delicious bread believe the results are
  • 01:33: please just need to knead dough is very thick and leave it at 8 hours, I do it on night the most convenient option night but it's worth fit and in the morning I I bake fresh hlebushek kneading is not particularly necessary simply knead Stir everything well
  • 02:03: and all and enough here is my dough Well, that turned out so that's from someone and but that's okay this and should be all Now I'll set it cellophane film and top Polotenchik and everything is left up to the morning at 8:00 and tomorrow I'll bake
  • 02:33: I shifted it to the bowl more because that it is good for night suit covered cellophane film and and top Polotenchik and here and I leave to Ideally, if the morning the bread will remain at 12 hours will be 12:00 go and trust it will be very delicious air and it is very easy prepare our dough staid
  • 03:06: 12:00 she was so It held up well and Now I will form thereof loaves our bread Ciabatta for this we need a lot of flour the more the better Now spread our pastry dough here knead should not just
  • 03:37: it accurately lay out cutting board plentifully greased sprinkled rather flour very accurate with it
  • 04:09: It should be very soft pay for it attention and should be now simply it is necessary to slightly flour to allow him work as I said do not bother I just need to was cut into 3 pieces, and
  • 04:41: that's the way Well you need a little sprinkle with flour to can be cut All three parts I divided Now just take and shift this dough there are special
  • 05:14: forms for such Ciabatta bread but if not it is not necessary do not despair bother taking just so you baking paper on size use I fold it in half [music] floured
  • 05:44: to our loaves not sticking paper although not not You should come and just take this part test that we cut off and stand it on paper nothing like that
  • 06:22: molded twist You do not need anything just transfer the dough into paper paper I have been here and give more or less loaf shape but should be soft a long time do not need it Carry it is not necessary knead slightly the top like so sprinkle with flour all
  • 06:52: our first bar then you are ready we Easy transfer to baking anything from We did not fall but so I'll show all types in button is now take the following consultations [music] sprinkle with flour and
  • 07:31: now taking our the next bar or part of the test than less will be his knead the softer will loaf that's all just take but well tolerated
  • 08:01: here on paper already You need to sprinkle flour shape our loaf in chusyugun neat beautiful All our bar ready but you also carry over pan that's the way we
  • 08:32: We laid our Button on a baking here Now just like that correct paper do as it forms here so that our loaves they did not run away anywhere here and so will in Lyudochka now we leave them for half an hour so that they
  • 09:02: come here are our descendants have come I put such but as if a couple of times scrap materials you too can it do the most important thing not to bother all easy and simple I made to order to our loaves not spread across extension won some form can also do it all from improvised if there is no special forms for such here bars packages
  • 09:33: Now I send them in the oven for 25 minutes the oven is not warmed up 400 four hundred thirty degrees fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius but before I put these loaves I first put to the the lowest in the bottom shelf here a pan with water it should be there all baking loaves [music]
  • 10:07: I put the pan with water and now I I put Batali So I opened the oven like this bread I It rose from 20 minutes later in the oven, and should here the bottom tray with water five minutes left before the end of baking Now you can pan pull with water and Five minutes dopekat just without water, without
  • 10:37: So I took a couple Our bars and already baked turned and handsome on this side, they good roast and on top of a loop not see any
  • 11:11: fried very soft now weigh I lay on a towel and it is necessary to hide more towel on top let them minutes five to ten stand up to another pair We passed a little and all our loaves
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