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Cap + snud spokes. Part 2.

Cap + snud spokes. Part 2.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi Hi we continue to knit our cap spokes So, here I have it It linked the bulk of crown and remains only link bedplate on which level necessary to stop knit more continue knitting bedplate by my according to my calculations supervision is must be some Now these series ribbed bars seamy smooth surface and here to bedplate
  • 00:30: or cap's edge the upper edge of the crown It was almost here even with the top of here in my opinion that's it But if enough Now centimeters I show that I happened that I It happened and how I tied and so if unstretched able to see here my all stripes collected in a single so
  • 01:02: measure the first well, That's about 15 Now centimeters again to 15 centimeters when I stretch canvas measuring about the wall there is obtained a 21 centimeter height all caps I think this enough already you can start
  • 01:33: knitting bedplate how am I going to his knit here theoretically I see so more like that say 5 rows sorry 5 strips of five rows seamy smooth surface recall and here between their number 1 2 3 obverse smooth surface 4 is a series of recall on the last row as I have in general ninety two loops
  • 02:04: the spokes in the last I closed the double-row 2 loop that is cuttable 2 eyelets and I now have to the spokes 90 loops Now I am doing the calculation how 90 loops divide by 5 sectors that we needed and I gets 18 stitches if you need not subtract two loops and three or four, and so on diminish if you easier to add one
  • 02:34: loop to share beautifully into 5 sectors then add one two loops for Beech was to divided by an integer number to 5 sectors It was identical with the number of drink on then how are we going continue to design and so here is my 18 stitches here they are face in the the event drew their facial 6 is made of a facial 18
  • 03:06: The following two loops and I will provyazyvat with tilted to the right the following two I loops do crossed The following two loops 2 together with slope left and 6 loops is one sector I will continue to circle continue four more times to perform here thus do I decrease diminish I will continue do not through a series of each row
  • 03:36: and through a series of so let's start our knitting and so the spokes of my Now 90 and loops spokes with the same four half and start Knit first sector 6 facial loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 ie subtraction in
  • 04:09: I will be in the middle sector 6 face further 2 loop with I lean to the right 2 loops provyazyvayu together at the front wall next 2 following Five I want provyazat crossed so one loop provyazyvaya not remove the work of the thread the second loop provyazyvayu front more tabs not change places knit loop
  • 04:40: will be on top provyazyvayu her face The following two loops 2 together provyazyvayut front slope the left that is, rear and stenochki next 6 loops 6 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 all 18 loops 1 sector I performed here at I have 2 subtraction
  • 05:11: that is, in the sector in I will not be 18 loops and 16 loops We note marker first sector Next again 6 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 together with slope right fulfill The following two loops
  • 05:41: We do perry baptism changing seats and provyazyvaem their following facial 2 Loop 2, together with tilt left and 6 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 all of the second sector, we bound
  • 06:11: we catch a marker between then when the sectors It will have seen you distinctly drawn sector you center Markers can not used as Next, perform more three sectors also 6 2 together with the facial tilted to the right
  • 06:43: overturn 2 2 eyelet face with Lean to the left [music] 6 facial and dress marker
  • 07:16: we continue knitting next row bedplate even if the number you you want to perform bottom of a front embroidery perform facial loops if Do you want to bedplate you had Garter embroidery follow Wrong picnic in This series in the even series and in subsequent ranks we do and do not decrease Peter the coups Perry has a baptism
  • 07:46: Peter did not do at sector and in the center basically, these loop switch can never do I do it for for themselves here such experiment decorate like somehow steal all the same bedplate or you can come up with any another pattern on donyshke perhaps you You want braids of the 4 loops here add up the door to 4 dead center of the loop pigtails coup and
  • 08:17: plaits perhaps even some pattern that is here you can dream I provyazyvayu facial I want to first loop to see how to be and bedplate look with facial loops so I have a crossed loops so I think Shawl mated here will already be unnecessary therefore decided provyazyvat even ranks only facial loops change clothes marker
  • 08:51: to convince where one ends sector and begins other respectively the next even number and will again and do decrease and and intersection loops if you knit as I and so now Here is a schematic
  • 09:21: It will look like we already have sector 16 loops so we perform first 5 facial on 2 together face inclined in Rule 2 crossed 2 loops together front slope by and all 5 facial this is a report for one of our sector PERFORM 1 2 3 4 5 facial
  • 09:52: on 2 sts together front slope to the right next 2 loops We do perry baptism You want to make a wish not doing more The following two loops 2 together provyazyvaem front slope left and facial 5 1 2 3 4 5 pereodevayas marker and
  • 10:27: that means that we It begins next sector perform all the same one two three May 4 facial 2 together with right slope then do 2 loops Perry baptism 2 loops along the front with a slope to the left and 5
  • 10:58: facial 1 2 3 4 5 and so on the district the next even number again will provyazyvat facial loop in the next odd number I already have to be in the beginning of sector 5 instead facial May 4 then again 2 together with the face tilting the right 2 crossed
  • 11:29: 2 loops together front slope 4 left and face the there is every even next we will have 2 eyelets less than diminishing in each even row we continue knitting our bedplate and see what we happens after gradually subtraction as you can see that's shaping our bedplate show closer These loops coup center
  • 11:59: sector and subtraction with slope and right tilt to the left and the same 5 most sectors or four more sectors that around bottoms we all I now have in each Sector watch 4 there are two loops loop coup and those loops that I 2 closed together from each side Now I need to
  • 12:30: subtract one more thing, these loops are taking the first and the last loop with the first sector and the first loop with later sectors and close them together. will take markers as they we have prevented so we will gradually remove them We see then that's it last loop we reset back
  • 13:00: on the left needle way today I show and knit a number of us can see that so do not need back flushed to the left needle and it will have I did not knit that's the way this which at the end of the loop series is now in the loop end of the row and the first loop beginning next we
  • 13:30: must knit 2 along the front matter or inclination of the left or with right slope See for yourself as you like more and We carry out more here a decrease next 2 loops that here we crossed continue their cross on Here is the last loop the sector and
  • 14:00: first loop the next sector remove the marker and provyazyvaem two along the front I provyazyva with slope on the left again, 3 loops are must cross and you see me completely unbroken all loops almost every this sector's corner looms
  • 14:30: then again last loop sector remove the marker and first loop the next sector provyazyvaem two together next 2 sts rebaptize unfold gradually work since the loops
  • 15:00: getting smaller and less slowly slowly carefully We are working to loops do not run away dropping marker closing tabs 2 together to do next coup on the next
  • 15:34: marker and tidy 2 loops provyazyvayu together and the last etat data loops can still be provyazat facial circle but We look to us not It was extra rows that we gather here These loops are 10 We stayed in one loop and strung on a thread
  • 16:04: all and pull that had We closed bedplate If you are missing It has a number of 2, you can knit even facial children or even make decrease in these sectors but to have you were not here then a tail can happen if a lot of link at the top of the ranks can still get Here's a tail if you can pressured candle's like tail docking and so if it does not just provyazyvaete
  • 16:35: several rows one or a number e.g. or no conduct of these series OSCE and sing and collect at Mitya and everything and everyone pulls together loops and close thus its I knit all the work as yet only one row section should loop completely convenient work already These loops 10 January 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and elsewhere one
  • 17:12: lost not 10 Why not ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 loop y I have now left
  • 17:50: therefore miscalculated Now if the 16 loops must also do decrease if we do No, we mean increasing see that already fully opening is closed all I want to raise now! These loops on thread work cut off piece and tighten look quite Whether in this case has will be closed hole so We are trying to string all strings all hinges on thread and see that
  • 18:20: it turns out in the end sing it at me 15 two from each sector those that I go in a coup Perry baptism loops is 10 and for each eyelet between 5 more sectors that have 15 stitches in my I left I will tighten gathered on a thread Here again show Stretch it here hole Center bedplate bedplate Now look here, these
  • 18:51: all loops I collect labor cut thread needle can be hook and tighten tight tight tight tighten further igolochkoj stretch out inside and plump tighten again bedplate and fix worker thread then necessarily
  • 19:27: hide tail so as not to be seen start and end all knitting Now the markers can be delete where we had start knitting and where end of knitting here a bottoms I I think it turned that can be divided and 6 sectors and try six sectors can be do more filigree Now this transition think of some small pattern
  • 19:57: sc and e.g. pattern of snakes when sc 2 along the front of the it is possible to come up with but since this cap warm openwork principle not welcome to warm hats so bedplate must be plump and type arc let's see how it looks cap mannequin and what we've got something I've been this
  • 20:27: cap reminds something even bank so not too big exactly what I would and I wanted to show the way what we have in eventually end up here crown
  • 20:58: a star so I say that probably could yet 6 sector pay also it would be nice can to experiment Here and there they strip ribbed strips on hats and here I say something she told me all the same It reminds q Bank This cap here I last rib Knit 5 rows hats we
  • 21:29: photos I see that here from one edge a number of possible must try all the same associate with one row backstitches loops and then there will be even also here seen Here is a sector and 5 or 6 sectors too you can see how they principle allocated We wash them look what will happen next after This here is a bottoms us
  • 22:02: It happened so if you run something else It will be interesting and share with us send photos to me at vk group add photos to nurse gave you a convenient and share your embodied in Today every new meetings bye bye