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  • 00:00: hi everyone today I'm honoring a promise that I made last year when I did my farmlands tour and I told the girls that I would video film how to turn an ich cotton into a beautiful flower that you can use these button balancing or sorts of things you will absolutely love this now you can either use a crack crate or a cam a tray like this
  • 00:31: I actually prefer these ones here but you know either all doesn't make any difference right the first thing that you have to do is to rip the lid off or with these just rip through to the this look a bit harder that's why I don't actually quite like working with these ones it is much much more difficult that these ones here are much better so you just need to get into here and then rip those bits out now fit from a tray of 12 you'll get six roses now from there it's just a matter of ripping these you could
  • 01:03: cut them if you wanted to but I actually prefer ripping them because it's going to give us a much nicer edge take that down to there like that that one around to there and then go into here and then we've got these little bits here rip those down like so just keep going until they're all ripped off don't worry about being neat and tidy that doesn't really matter then just go around and then just push those bits out like that and I'll just quickly do this one here so you don't need to be too
  • 01:34: neat just get in there and give it a good rip off like so and then repeat as you did in the first one and then just rip those little bits those little slits down there like so and then pull those bits out and fold them back down on themselves right put a little bit of glue into there oh oh nearly dropped out and then when you position the second one inside make sure that we've got those two petals there you push that
  • 02:04: down like that and just give those a weak being down in its make it just make gives the illusion of looking like a rose when you've got those little bits in between there and there much my fear right from there the next thing is you need to get a nice long strip and you don't want this to be too wide better rip that through there like yeah I just love this I've been making these since I as a child and I was down and visiting my parents and my mother and father are looking at moving into a
  • 02:35: lovely retirement village and all of the stuff that I've got in my the out the back has all got to be gone so I found these and thought oh my goodness this is really good I must show everybody how to make these so just roll that around there like that and then get a little bit more glue and then push that into there like that and hopefully that will start ah it's doing it I love it slowly just unravels right there you have a beautiful little rose
  • 03:05: that we can use to embellish lots of things now when it comes to painting them there's two ways my way is actually I well the latest way I think is the easiest to do when you've got your ear cut and painted first the paint that I'm using is my chalky lime based paint which I think you'll find there is the B therefore this is fantastic because it gives that still a lovely chalky finish when you've got your base color which is this color here which I made up ages and ages ago and I didn't think it would last but it actually is lasted quite I
  • 03:36: think I made this about eighteen nine months ago and it's still going I just have to give it a good shape before a user now from that base color what I've done here is these roses here I tinted those up with some tumeric so it gives that beautiful beautiful yellow we look Kerry also looks really good as does paprika this one here I absolutely love that was raspberries beautiful soft soft soft chalky chalky sort of almost shabby chic vintage colors and this one here was using blueberries and the reason
  • 04:08: this all came to be was the reason I used the fruit as we had a bit of a power cut here and um I had all this fruit that needed to be used up so I thought I would just squish it down so all the ingredient that instructions on how to do this are already on another clip so we and I come back I will show you what you can do to embellish these around a mirror be back in minutes right here we are here is a really good idea to use the roses so I've just put the plain or
  • 04:38: you know the plain base chalky milk paint onto there and then these could be stuck onto the air for a mirror frame or you could put a picture into there I just put a picture um Seth husband and I and this was after a little holiday that we had to Las Vegas into wedding last year so you could put that into there or I love it when people give me interesting cards and for my birthday this year I was given this fabulous card and it's almost looks like me as a ballerina underneath on underneath a car
  • 05:09: but you know it's just something like that for a little bit of you know and I do quite like to have because I don't like too much color and I'm just going to lift that I haven't glued these on here because I might just change my mind but you know just putting a picture into the air and having something looking a little bit vintagey with a bit of sepia could be quite nice to decorate and embellish a wall at your place thank you for watching don't forget to follow me on facebook and check out the new website which isn't far away lovely to spend time with you and i'll see you again soon
  • 05:39: you