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  • 00:00: all women want look younger his age but often make mistakes when choosing clothes the result is the return of the Roma hello catchy as it may help us this problem because that for some it really vital here Listen to a letter it's against our program from Oksana Ivanchuk from Kiev Good afternoon, I name Oksana I am 39 years old and like any woman I I want to look younger his years trying choose clothes that will I
  • 00:30: rejuvenate but notice something doing my wrong son 17 I see it ashamed to appear with me in public Sea finds reasons not to pursue time with her husband the same thing I do not know How to fix it you only hope hope really the frame is now I think the hope justify himself look younger is a natural desire every woman but Unfortunately, many women trying to a little hide your age on the contrary his stress typical allowed
  • 01:01: error message Oksana I was interested and I wanted independently check whether all so badly let see our greetings Further there is no I did not expect I read the letter and understand your desire to look Yet under that They want to look younger [music] son may go down later it would be nice surprised that mom beginning first steps on the way to the ground
  • 01:31: delicious to let him please pass Let's see Your photos see how you dress in the window than problem because It may be not so let bad room on when I buy myself all for a long time like like all buy already fitting all still in the days of yourself Kovacs fitting She dressed me look I love like this to youth is choose more young people and we When you buy here the world well, here's an example Now this pack in blue or its individual
  • 02:01: lipases it's here red Package no separate yah here the first advice that is I would always give when you buy things if you lay on not much hope they have to refresh that they have decorated with the best measured immediately set that happens you You buy one bright thing and then you go over blouse, you can not buy a white because it you find boring Now this red in their together and sculpt this or too bright let's look at another for such as we are here you are the most fashionable trends They decided to fly Actually it
  • 02:32: common mistake dipped many girls which want look younger and how to avoid it we will discuss with you the essence of but also with all our audience later first we We sifted through a wardrobe reviewed Oksana and photos defined typical mistakes that allow many women trying to hide your age 1 common mistake which allow Women's clothing is not for the first age picture we see youth jeans worn with tears with contrast cuff and the same colorful remember that jacket
  • 03:02: putting on clothes for 18-year-old you are 18-year-old do not get you only emphasized my age is clothes from the wardrobe Oksana's what you say about the second Included with the seemingly chernenky discreet wrong here picked up by many lights women choose black for to look slimmer, and often really It works but remember that hiding figure flaws black stresses all facial imperfections he sets off all all lines bumps on the skin stresses
  • 03:32: dark spots any mistakes made Oksana and in the third Included here we we see that in the first place blouse over-sized maybe so I am trying to somehow hide their but for completeness Unfortunately choose more free stuff you are not the fullness hide and vice versa add yourself volumes so always choose things size skirt here too bright and a chur too short to feet just spectacular attracts attention if you do well, to 30 years then better to choose skirt slightly opens knee cup or even
  • 04:02: below but actually Oksana all tried and youth version ii dark clothing and clothing spacious if time It allows some I feel my mistakes heart and stars that also sometimes give miss the star, too sometimes mistaken for eg forty years Natalia Koroleva selects print vivid selects sex appeal dress very open shoulder very short and thus only It underlines its already not very fresh face Madonna chose not very successful suit the style of Elvis Presley and
  • 04:32: a feeling that she with him for one at her desk at school and sat though of course she ideal virtually figure for her age, she older than 50, and here, too, not More good option One obvious example the ink may add a few years of age cher chic looks for his age It has chic figure but it carries with youth Gothic style it unfortunately not well valued person and she looks tired on a black background Pamela Anderson Conversely choose
  • 05:02: bright caller micro skirt style bright sweaters and such way as if suggests sex bomb It is rather nakhla cannon seem to This did not happen with we need undertake some decisive actions and know frame of coffee always will incidentally help yourself please thanks it all starts with nescafe you're ready to reveal all the secrets of how to using clothes look younger than they are and the older disclose all the secrets we will be on practice note screen
  • 05:32: So Oksana I give you the last chance to shine you now need to will be two one set for everyday wear 2 Office ready well oath then start [music] Oksana you
  • 06:13: [music] They proved themselves by full program clothing does not age It does not make you a little longer If you will be wearing bright T-shirts any bright prints or shouting slogans to Unfortunately can be This was reflected in the fact that you are young at heart visually it is only emphasizes age This dissonance age age clothes person becomes stark and the same applies to Jeans jeans big amount worn jeans big amount
  • 06:43: any decorative elements or as here Varenkov too bright for texture too bright color also emphasizes age to the same if talk about Varenko hto day we will talk about your certain age your youth you We caught the fashion of this jeans type and a feeling that's from the time have not changed and continue to wear the same jeans it is not clear to us I have prepared a suitable set for you try on his and I will explain you how You need to dress up to look younger and
  • 07:13: at the same time feel comfortable [music] so well, so much already best first pay attention to the color we have chosen more more intense warm shade it emphasizes the face and visually makes the skin smoother due In order that the cardigan pronounced texture we repeat used the contrast of light and dark for to visually stiletto He looked more structure we took darker cardigan lighter shirt Moreover shirt present vertical classes that little stretched silhouette
  • 07:43: it makes you look younger pay attention to Jed is a form classical form if they are a little flared from the hip due to this foot look structure especially when you're on these jeans under wear heels like liked continue experiment you have to queue office suite you have made themselves [music] Well again twenty five have already talked the black color with one hand it really page to another party loses
  • 08:13: everything fine facial imperfections all wrinkles all circles under the eyes hike in the office is not an excuse to squeeze as funeral in the office too you can look bad why you chose it there and they almost go to and be using PHA look older and much better than the tired milady a little bit longer but while fresh rested than little structure but it is very much weary is my try on option all Shirt filter [music] Well, not like
  • 08:44: more you feel that you look committed and eyes became brighter office it's not the reason look bad the office also needs Look good you need to select the color that make you beautiful tie women can afford let stand due to two due color cravat due to light some knitwear they add habitual blog so way the office can be interesting and beautiful and variety not should be shut only in gray and it is almost black color a couple of coins of you looking for assistance so long as right but overall I
  • 09:14: rather have let Artist and now we move on to choose kit gala case what are you fellow Roma are Secrets revealed to me it seems that even a little bit and we can exactly the same and in as spectacular finals, I would like to to introduce you to my night vision image which eliminates age I I would like to invite here Oksana Automatic go-ahead grant hello pro buy personally pleased with meet you as you have the axon impressions of
  • 09:44: communication with the novel just tell all truth but sympathy yes I am very happy and Thank you very much himself transformation of the I do not expect so I remind you that previous version Oksana saw his elegant image as very short tight skirt free bright blouse I believe that in this Dress it looks a lot of spectacular firstly it visually we conceals the volume of secondly using thin belt accentuated waist beige color refreshes face hide all minor faults well and an emphasis on course
  • 10:14: using shoes we have a little island to these boats we visual structure and lengthen legs Oksana you look very elegantly but I do not missing something really bright Rommie you think not some bright accessory I do not know bead for example so you can use bright accessories but remember it is not necessary to choose bright acid colors in order to noble shade natural color is beige shades olive shades pistachio This gray-blue
  • 10:44: choose low-key decorations classic style if it is to me that it is must be natural stones quality cut it may be amber beads is Beads can be of bones do not pick through chur brilliant decoration that mimic yuvelirku Oksana but what said the son and husband Well, son, it is very 90 I liked invited you to throw well, not in the movie well, we walked up because somehow previously he was not very I wanted to walk with me or somewhere to go as if there was no
  • 11:14: time and now and again It appeared to sand Momma ama that He said what compliments from you He had heard, too, I liked said that the very bodily what do you think you succeed independently farther carry all in practice, or will complicated thanks rum he gave some Lessons I think it's I will continue my advice as simple as possible maximally there is no clarity nothing complicated just once take and make you will see Effect Thanks Roma axon thank you very much for what you've become
  • 11:44: part of the transfiguration many women who before committing Mistakes in Choosing clothes you perfectly youtube hello subscribe to our channel and will be the most the most stylish beautiful [music]