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  • 00:00: all a good day to show how it is possible hide instead plaster Now all these unevenness is we dacha do it all It can be done apartment that's papier-mache from egg bins on the way show how it all got too
  • 00:31: watched video Internet you can and wires for all hide all hiding none of this can be seen and it turns out beautifully Now this hour tried liquid white cement just go will look like you see here roughness hurt such they have no stone such imitation stone it turns over interesting here after touch passed
  • 01:02: as the sparse sour cream white cement can be shpaklovochka and will try and shpaklovochka and will take place then as a show obtained after this part of the putty we are experimenting this part tried make a screen to prevent but this part is already it is glue them some more flexible and it turns over Gorny but then We will look like
  • 01:33: after shall open watery cement white, I think that it all will be equal then the same I will show you if you do not will say that we did here until all and show on the road result of such a little way I think apply our who are interested in Internet has it all We see point out looking for all
  • 02:04: very simple personal the complex is not here do any stones the size of which we we want to get plastering nothing must all wiring is the same hiding pebbles on every taste can be I do flatten are of such a plan you can do it all then dry the molds
  • 02:36: glues well, I think not interest is so not Well it turns out someone how to look like This option is easier We show that we More to do here cottage at make conclusions all all while this is our egg trays Knife pebble right now we will
  • 03:08: overturn yesterday poured hot water the night passed [applause] [applause] [applause]
  • 03:45: [applause] [applause]
  • 04:16: [applause] time for two or three
  • 04:51: minutes all a good day here at We also have this part dried up continuing then here we are here you are drawn us already as garden gazebo TV we so we want to get around beautiful pockets at the junction but
  • 05:27: you need to consider the when to continue after dried up already as a part of stones need to a little bit longer obtained because they will be when they will dry out a little a little less so more to do on We planted it Now you do not have trays dries faster than
  • 05:58: wallpaper paste and no odor specific like wallpaper paste here you see will hide all on the ceiling, we flooded floors well irregularities century they knock down almost impossible python very good so we are all in the top Cover the further we show talk because we are ready
  • 06:29: the only thing These podshpaklevali the junction to slope everything to be plump and stones here too we tweaked which after made with wallpaper see wallpaper glue client sucks much to me not making semicircular they are drawn strong a little bit here and there on corrects shooting it is no longer empty again it will shpaklovochka
  • 06:59: zhidenkoe all Now we zamazhetsya will show you how we will do stenochka we already It can be prepared look We get started shpaklovochka essence like this raspakovochku a brush
  • 07:45: hammered in children large slits smoothed get a little such imitation thus pebble you can do try thicker and Who has any stones get to you look thinner
  • 08:16: little to do or so thick herringbone left dokrasit Here's how it dries white little turns look what beautiful then in the next video show when everything will be behind the idea painted stenochka painted and the floor will be all show all good put huskies write
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